How I gained 11.4K Instagram Followers In 1 Year

One year people, that’s how long I’ve been working on Simply Annie. I started this all with no prior experience in blogging or using Instagram for anything other than a place to share photos with friends and family. I had a private account with maybe 100 followers. I knew nothing about gaining followers, hashtags, or that there could be themes for pages. When I started my blog and my Instagram account I scoured the internet for tips and tricks, for ways to gain followers and to gain them fast. But I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought… or so I thought.

There were hundreds of pins, thousands of tips. All guaranteeing that you’ll get 1,000 followers a week. I read as many as I possibly could, because I wanted to be a success. I wanted my blog to do well. I wanted to be a rockstar blogger! But I found one thing, they’re all kinda bull s*&%!


If you’re reading this you’ve probably read other articles on how to gain followers, because where would our blogs be without our followers? You’ll see apps that spread likes for you, apps that generate comments in your name, and even apps that follow and unfollow people for you. You’ll be told that your Instagram needs to be cohesive, that all the photos should look the same and have a general theme, that filters are everything… the list goes on and on and on. I read all of those too, I tried a bunch of different apps but found one overwhelming answer to it all:

There is NO rhyme or reason for who gains followers and who doesn’t.

There are things that do remain true: be yourself, be honest, stay consistent.

My account does not have a general theme, my account doesn’t have one color scheme, or super bright white backgrounds. Some of my photos are fuzzy, some are perfectly staged, some are taken on my camera but most are taken on my phone, and I use different filters for different photos. The only consistency in my feed is that my photos are a part of my life.


So here are my tips, here is how I gained my followers:


-Be yourself

-Take photos that are a part of your life

-Don’t limit yourself to photos that are only related to your blog posts

-Find the hashtags that work with you

-Engage with your followers

-Enjoy what you’re doing!

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