184 Days Together

My Dear Sweet Girl,

You’re six months old now, time is moving far too quickly and I cannot stop it. Six months does not seem long on paper but when I think about how much you have changed since we brought you home it feels like a different lifetime. I’m grasping at every second with you and want to tell you how important you are to me, how much you have meant since your very first day in my life. Our job in the beginning was simply keeping you alive. You slept all day, often times only on me. You ate every hour and a half to two hours and that was the extent of our day. Now our days are filled with playing, learning to crawl, babbling, napping in your crib, eating cereal and occasionally snuggling into me. You now know who we are, you smile and giggle when we walk into the room and you know our voices. You’re always busy and I would not want it any other way, but the speed at which you’re changing has me in complete awe of you.

As I watch you grow and learn I see the way you look at me and the world... and you give me hope. You love without hesitation or condition, your smile melts away all my fears and worries. Your eyes see things as they are and everything is magical to you. You love with your whole heart and know nothing of pain or sadness. Everything is new and exciting for you and you want to explore and learn everyday. Your heart is so pure and you are full of so much happiness and life. You are, simply put, perfect in every way.

When you came into our lives I had no idea how much I could love you or how much you would change my life. You have taught me the importance of every moment. You have shown me what life is about and you have taught me to live for now instead of constantly looking to what is next. You’ve taught me that the things which once would have consumed me with emotions simply don’t matter. If I am ever sad or anxious all I have to do is look at your face and I remember that I have you, and that is everything. You have changed not only my life but me, you make me a better person. I want to reach for the stars and make all my dreams come true. Not only to show you that it’s possible but to be the best example I can be for you. I want you to see happiness and want it for yourself. Everyday you make your dad and me happier than we have ever been, you fill us with a joy we’ve never known and we will never be able to thank you enough for that.

I want to give you the world and I want to protect you from the bad. I never want to see you hurt or scared. But I know that I can’t hide you from what might come, so let me tell you this: I hope that you always see the world through your eyes you have for it now. I hope that you always see the magic in everything and I hope that you continue to love without condition. I hope that you always smile without abandon. I hope that through the bad days you continue to see the good in people and events in life even when it may seem darkest. I hope that you are kind, even when it may be hard. I hope that you have courage to pursue your dreams even if you’re afraid of failing. I hope that you believe in yourself and love who you are. Because you are worth it, because I can already see that you are a good kind person and everything you will want is at the tip of your fingers... you just have to reach for it.

I have known you for 6 months and even though I want time to stand still so you can be my baby forever, I cannot wait to see the woman you become. I can’t wait to watch you explore the world, see new things, make friends and fall in love. I want to see what your favorite color is, I want you to ask me questions, tell me stories and share your dreams with me. I know that the next months and years will be gone before I know it just like the last 184 days. But I also know I will always be behind you, watching you and encouraging you. I will be your biggest fan and I will always have my arms open when you need them. I will be your best friend, your mom, your cheerleader, your coach. I will push you to reach your potential, I will teach you as much as I can and I will laugh with you when you let me. I will pick you up but I promise to let you fall too, I promise to let you learn the hard way and to make mistakes even though it will kill me. But above all... I promise you that I will always love you more than you’ll ever know.



Photography By Mallory Sollie of Mallory Sollie Photography

Photography By Mallory Sollie of Mallory Sollie Photography