Blogging So Far

What did I do this weekend? Yes I know it’s Tuesday but life got in the way of me posting yesterday. Well let me tell you... it was a pretty quiet weekend for us. Besides taking care of a very sick baby, we worked on my blog and I mean worked on it a lot! I say we because I could not do this without help from my husband. He has been doing the technical work that makes me want to hide… but I’m learning, through watching him of course. It was all the behind the scenes stuff, the nitty gritty details that go into having a blog that can pile up in a way I never thought possible!

When I launched my first post I had done the cosmetic things; I had made the page pretty, added photos, written a couple things, I knew who I wanted to talk to, what I want to write about and that is about it. Then I came across this fabulously ah-mazing handbook by Abby over at Just a Girl and Her Blog and I began making a list, and I mean a LONG list. The list was all technical and legal details that I had never thought of. Not the fun part!

I got so much done this weekend that in a way I feel like a “real” blogger now even though I’m still very new and have a lot to learn. Doing all these tasks made me realize how much time and energy bloggers put into their pages and not just in the writing. So much goes on behind the scenes of a blog and it astounded me how much I didn’t know about. I was excited about my blog before, but now I’m finding it hard to not work on it every second of everyday.

When I quit my job and decided to be a SAHM I thought that taking care of my girl was going to be my only job, but then I thought of starting Simply Annie. I’m less than a month in and I am so happy that I’ve done this! I can see how blogging has become such a huge outlet for people. It is a way to get your thoughts out into the world. It is a way to make friends and be a part of a community. I have quickly come to find that the blogging world is more friendly and welcoming that I ever thought it would be. Fellow bloggers make everyone feel welcome and help each other. I can easily say that this was a great decision and that I really cannot wait to learn more, meet more wonderful bloggers, and see what comes my way with this journey!