Little Sunshine Boutique Teething Necklace

About a week ago I had a really awesome mail day. I got my new teething necklace from Little Sunshine Boutique! I was so excited. This is my first time writing a review for a new product and on top of that Lilly is starting to teethe so it couldn’t have been more perfect timing!


First off, I’m big on the packaging. When I get something in the mail that I’ve ordered I always hope that it’ll look pretty when I open the shipping box, and with Little Sunshine Boutique I was not disappointed! The necklace came in a pretty little box with a fun design and an adorable ribbon tied in a bow. I’m not going to lie, I was so excited to be getting the necklace that I forgot to take a picture of the wrapping… whomp whomp. Inside the box the necklace was wrapped in a crisp, heavy duty ziplock bag which I thought was great! It kept it protected and clean throughout the shipping.


The necklace itself did not disappoint either! I chose the very pretty teal and white design with multiple sizes of beads. Each necklace is made with silicone beads and they are all FDA approved. Lilly loves chewing on each different bead one at a time. Each one is a different texture so it keeps her entertained for quite some time! The beads are soft and very easy to clean which is super nice considering how much she is drooling on it!


Before getting this necklace I didn’t quite understand the craze behind teething necklaces, why do you need one? But now I get it. Lilly will sit contently in my arms and play with that when I need to hold her for extended amounts of time. Which is heaven considering she is a wiggle worm as of late.



The clasp is an easy snap which is difficult for Lilly to pull off, handy since she likes to tug on everything! Another reason I love the necklace is that the beads don’t look like teething beads! They look like they are just a fashion necklace, which makes it easier to wear for mom’s and their different outfits. It is also very lightweight and comfortable. I’ve found that other teething necklaces can feel bulky and heavy, which is annoying when you’re carrying a baby around.


I was given other teething necklaces (which I’ve worn once), and this is by far my favorite. I highly recommend buying one, or some of the many other items from this shop! Gwendolyn is the best and I know that you’ll love your new necklace as much as I love mine!

This post was sponsored by the amazing Little Sunshine Boutique. All opinions are my own and honest.