5 Reasons I Love Yoga - One Plus One Yoga Subscription Giveaway

Last week’s 5 on Friday was the start of me sharing with you more about me, some more fun and personal posts so that you all can get to know me more and more as you stay with me. In that spirit I’ve decided to share with you 5 (I had to limit myself) reasons I love yoga. And to top it off I’m going to give one lucky winner a 6-month subscription to my favorite online source of yoga-on-the-go, One Plus One Yoga. This website offers a wide array of classes that can be streamed from your mobile and desktop devices, iPhone whenever you need your yoga fix. If you find it hard to get to the studio this is the perfect fit for you. They even offer a “Lunch On The Mat” class every afternoon from their Facebook page.

-Yoga has helped me me find my way. Before I found my mat I was never devoted to any one activity, and I certainly wasn’t aware of myself. Yoga has helped me find who I am. It brings me back to my center every time I step onto my mat.

-Yoga helps me deal. I know this sounds very similar to the last one, but this is a whole other Oprah. If there is something going wrong in my life, if something is bothering me, or if I’m overwhelmed… yoga brings me back. It helps me process and it gives me time to escape, to acknowledge and be mindful of my reality. Yoga allows me to come back to conquer it all with a new perspective.

-Yoga makes me feel good. I can be feeling fat, bloated, grumpy, tired, low energy, sleepy, you name it… but if I go into a yoga class I come out invigorated and balanced. It makes me feel good in my body and it makes me proud of my body, of what it can do every day.

-The challenge. Every. Single. Day. Every single class challenges me. Because not every class is the same, not every pose feels the same in my body each time.And let’s be real, I have too much to learn about yoga, there are so many poses I cannot fully do yet, so many poses I probably haven’t seen, or that I only dream of doing. It all challenges me to keep going, to keep tying, because it’s yoga practice not yoga perfect.

-Yoga lets me fail. There are so many aspects of life where I feel like I have to be it all and do it all. But yoga isn’t that, and my mat doesn’t care if I don’t have the perfect practice. I can go into class and be nothing but myself. Flaws and imperfection all in one body, and it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I show up

I think it’s clear that my whole thing with yoga is a little bit deeper than the workout, it might even border on obsessive. But I swear, I’m not a creeper, just super in love with my practice! And what better way to share the love than with an amazing company at my side? The giveaway of a 6-month subscription to One Plus One Yoga ends on Halloween at midnight! Six months people! You can’t even make this kind of a giveaway up! So hurry and enter below!

And thank you  A Liz Adventure and Carolina Charm for hosting this 5 on Friday Link up!