April Goals

Alright, I’ve come to the realization that I’m scatterbrained, unorganized and a bit lazy lately. I blamed it on the move but now it’s time to figure my sh** out. January-March were tester months for the new year… I never actually intended to get my life together. Whoops. You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about… well it is all kinda a personal fight I’m having with myself. Since the move I’ve been in a kind of daze. I don’t have a routine, I’m floating between a million unfinished projects and I’m just feeling at a loss. Lazy. Unmotivated. Like Luna Lovegood… where my Harry Potter fans at!? I just can’t find my grove, or what I’m supposed to be doing anymore. To the point that I feel like I can’t even verbalize my thoughts to all of you.


So for the month of April I’ve decided to set goals for myself and update you on all of them to keep me accountable and to see if this will help me.




Finish House Projects:

Painting trim on windows, finishing art in Lilly’s room, hanging chandeliers. I’ve started and stopped so many projects as well as just plain ignoring some, it’s absurd.


Finding A Routine:

I keep trying to wake up before the baby, to go to the gym, to have days of certain chores… but none of it seems to be sticking or working for me. I’m going to Vegas for a girls trip in May so me and one of my girlfriends are going to help each other get into a health routine. Getting our butts to the gym and eating healthy, because, well… swimsuits! And I can’t resist the cheez-its.


Find My Blogging Rhythm... Again:

I’ve started so many posts and never finished them that it is embarrassing, for real. Single posts, post series… remember the essential oils and the finding my home series? Yeah, those.


Create Habits:

This one could maybe be lumped into “Finding A Routine” but in it’s own right it is different. I want to create habits that will help me find my routine and get back into a rhythm. Things like this post about Clearing your kitchen counter, or actually setting my alarm and waking up to get at least a cup of coffee in me before Lil wakes up.

I could probably create a much longer list but, as I write this, even this small list is overwhelming me. To help combat this I’m going to dedicate this whole week to breaking it down and creating a plan, one by one. Piece by piece.  Hopefully by the end of this you will still be with me and not think I’m completely insane!