April Goals - Finding My Blogging Rythm

During the month of March I did my own version of March Madness and had one or two guest bloggers a week. I loved it! I got to host so many wonderful women and they each brought something different to the table. But I’m not going to lie, it was also really helpful for me! Given the fact that we just moved and I was trying to unpack and get us settled my blogging fell by the wayside. Which is kind of ironic since my blog isn’t that old. Even though it’s only 3 months new, I had still made a routine to post M, W, F and I was in a grove of writing and scheduling etc. I had ideas coming to me and things I wanted to say them BAM. It was all gone, no more ideas, no time to write, no energy to work on anything… it all kind of disappeared. So yes, my blog has been on the back burner for a bit but it is starting to boil over because the ideas and the energy are coming back to me now.



So my goal for the month of April is to write, organize, write, and connect. I want to get all my ideas out on paper… well computer screen. I want to concentrate on building more relationships and connecting with more people. But to do this I have to designate time. Between the chores and routine, I need to make sure there is time for my blogging too. Right now naptime is the time I write, catch up on things and do social media. But there isn’t a schedule how I go about all of it.


What I would love to do is this: wake up before Lilly, have coffee, and simultaneously work on social media. I belong to some groups that I have neglected and this would be the perfect time to do that. I tend to spend more time working on one social media site over the other. I don’t plan out further than a week for posts. During morning naptime I have started to write and schedule or layout my posts for the week/days ahead. I found that this is key, getting my posts ready before the day they go live. If I can just do that for every post, and get a few weeks setup, then BAM I’ll have more time for social media during morning nap. Leaving the afternoon nap as chore time. I’m seriously a genius!  


I also need to just calm the F down and just patiently work on one thing at a time. Or dedicate a week to one form of social media or one specific tasks. Here is what I’ve come up with:



April 4-8 I am dedicating to writing and getting ideas written down


April 11-15 will be for email subscriptions to my blog and getting my email system setup. I seriously haven’t gotten this done yet, so I don’t even have emails going out! Epic fail Annie


April 18-22 will be for Facebook again growing my page likes, making a schedule for posts and engaging people


April 25-29 will be for Twitter and growing that following, figuring out a schedule and just figuring out how to use it


Are you bored with my planning yet? I promise this is the last time you’ll get this many posts in a row about my woes of planning, but you all better help keep me accountable! Now onto more fun topics next week!

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