April Goals - Finishing House Projects

As promised I am going to start making a plan to get my hot mess of a self back in order. Today we’re starting with all my house projects and making a timeline for when to get them done! Here is what I need to do:

-Paint the ugly orange trim in the house. The previous owner decided to make half of the trim around the windows white, while leaving the other half orange… yuck. So that’s first on my list and I’m going to make that goal a bit bigger.


Paint all trim by April 30



-Hang Chandeliers. We brought two chandeliers with us from our old house that I couldn’t part with. One for the dining room and one for the nursery. They agreed to let us have them but they are now sitting on the floor and we have yet to hang them.

Hang dining room chandelier by April 9th


Hang nursery chandelier by April 16th


-Finish painting nursery art. In Lilly’s room I asked my friend to paint art on the walls (Peter Pan, Cinderella’s carriage etc.) Although the majority of the painting is done as of right now, I still need to do a second coat and paint details into some of the pieces.

By April 6th finish painting


-Organize basement. We have an unfinished basement in the new house, which means it is the dumping zone. All of the random boxes, the Christmas and holiday decorations… it all got randomly dumped down there. With no organization whatsoever. So I need to organize and move all the boxes.

By April 30th I will organize

Here’s hoping I can get this all done! When it’s laid out with deadlines like this I feel like it is more manageable! Now I just need to tighten my mom bun and hop to it! Because I really feel like living in a home that doesn’t have a constant to-do list makes all the difference in the world.


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