Un-Boxxing Your Way To A New You - With Babble Boxx

I think it’s safe to say that fitness/self care is a struggle for most people, unless you’re a crazy workout addict who LOVES going to the gym, the rest of society might rather be watching Game of Thrones and eating tacos on the couch (okay, maybe that’s just me). There is something incredibly hard about making the time to get activity in, about getting to that class you said you’d go to, about not making up an excuse. For me, I need all the help and motivation I can get when it comes to staying healthy, and unfortunately for my bank account some of that drives comes from fun new outfits, gadgets, or health trends. But always getting the new product would inevitably drive my husband to cut up all my credit cards and take away all my internet access. Now enter the best subscription box I’ve ever received… my #HERBBoxx from Babble Box for Her Health Month. This box was overflowing with FULL SIZED, yes I said it, full-sized products and I mean legitimately good stuff from numerous companies all tailored to your health and well-being. I am so excited about it that I wanted to share a full unpacking of what I received in the box. So without further ado let’s dig in!


First let’s start with the Zenni UV Blue Blockers these look like regular glasses but they’re not, they are actually meant to protect your eyes from HEV blue light and provide you with UV protection. So you know that little screen you’re reading this from? These glasses are meant to protect your eyes from the blue light streaming into your eyes. Pop these cute glasses on and you’ll rest easy knowing you’re protecting your vision! I wore them and can attest that they’re perfectly comfortable, cute, and have minimal color distortion to the point that I didn’t notice that I was wearing any glasses. Head here to check out a pair for yourself and work on that whole self-care part of your life, because we all know we stare at screens all the dang time!


Next we have the Aftershokz:Trekz Air which, let me just say, are a breath of fresh air. Honestly I never wear ear buds because they either fall out, or end up bugging my ear. Have you tried running with typical earbuds? I did on the one run I did like a year ago and they just fell out. Also, try wanting to listen to something and having a toddler constantly pulling at the cord of your earbuds. Enter my new favorite toy. The Trekz Air headphones are open ear headphones, which means they’re super comfortable, cordless, and are bone conducting. Their sound travels through your cheekbone to your inner ear. Which is one of the ways we naturally process sound, cool huh!? I will never buy another pair of headphones again and to get you all in the same boat as me Aftershokz has shared a coupon code for my readers only to get $30 off your pair until June 30th. Just visit the Trekz Air pick your color, enter code ANNIE30 at check out and you’re on your way to amazing new headphones! And maybe a new running routine too!


Onto the Chesapeake Bay Candle: Mind and Body these candles are infused with essential oils and are a soy wax blend. The scent I was given was the Confidence and Freedom smell, and it might be the most relaxing candle I have ever used. It isn’t overpowering like some candles can be and it is the perfect balance of rejuvenating and relaxing, they are the perfect wellness candles. The jar comes with a lovely wood lid so you can keep your candle fresh for as long as possible, that is if you can be patient enough not to have it burning 24/7. You can find this scent on Amazon here. So put your Prime membership to good use people and treat yourself to some at-home relaxation and piece of mind!


Next up are two products from Pure Synergy. The Organic Beet Juice Powder and the Turmeric Extract. Pure Synergy is a wellness company that sells organic supplements for lifelong wellness. The Beet Juice Powder is easily mixed in with your water or morning smoothie to give you an extra boost of energy.  Beets have also been shown to give you a boost of antioxidants, support healthy liver function, and healthy heart and circulatory systems. The Turmeric Organic Extract comes in capsule form. Turmeric is well known for promoting a healthy immune system, joints and bones,  liver and detox functions and more. Both added to your daily routine will help to boost your overall health and wellbeing, further adding to your drive towards a healthy lifestyle! To grab your Pure Synergy products head here and use code PureSynergyPartner for 15% off.


Now for the new article of clothing! Champion sent me an awesome sports bra called The Absolute Sports Bra, since I’m now pregnant and everything is growing a great sports bra that keeps me comfortable can be hard to find, but Champion accomplished it. With it’s moisture wicking management and quick drying fabric it is perfect for my sweaty workouts at the yoga studio when I make time to go. They have a slew of different types to fit everyone's activities, and you can head here to check them out: Champion


Last but certainly not least we have The Myth Of A Nice Girl written by Fran Hauser. Although I did not read the entire book yet I have skimmed through and can tell you that this book is for the women who want to be it all and do it all and not lose who they truly are. It’s for women who need some female empowerment, the woman who needs some career guidance or just a boost in self-esteem and worth. It’s definitely a must have book to help you feel able and empowered to get up and do it all. You can grab your copy here and start leading a life more about you and what you need.


It’s safe to say that Babble Boxx blew me away, and certainly gave me a new drive to take more steps for better self-care and fitness. Between my new headphones, health products, glasses, sports bra, candle and book I’m well on my way to entering a whole new phase of feeling good, and confident in who I am.

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This post is sponsored by Babble Boxx, but as always all opinions are my own.