The Holy Grail of Carseat Selection

I never realized how hard it would be to find the right products when it comes to baby gear. From cribs, to bottles, to car seats. There are about a million different brands out there for us to choose from. Honestly I dread buying anything because of it. Which makes buying things, especially the big things, super overwhelming for me. Do I go with the one that has all the gadgets and gear? Do I choose this one that is organic and eco-friendly? How about the one that is half the price of this one and appears to have no real difference? But if it’s cheaper is it worse?

This is the exact state I am in at this moment. Lil is turning one in a few weeks and she is growing like a weed, which means the infant car seat is soon going to be a distant memory and we will be upgraded to the giant rear-facing car seats. Or the Cadillacs as my friend calls them, because of their sheer size and comfort. Ugh, shopping for a car seat... I mean please just make it end now. I get so overwhelmed by this one in particular because, well, it’s the dang car seat! It’s probably the most important thing we buy for our kiddos and I certainly don’t want to buy the wrong one, end up hating it and then have to go buy a different one.

Not only are they expensive and there are a million brands of them, but this sucker is going to be in my life for a while since this car seat lasts a lot longer than the infant one does. I also have a mild commitment issue problem... So where to begin? First to the Target then Babies ‘R Us websites of course! I do nothing better than online shop and it usually looks a little something like this: go to the site, open a million tabs (one for every item I’m looking at), add the ones I like to my cart, open cart, open tab for every item and try to compare side-by-side. By the time I get to this point I’m thoroughly done, and I often leave all the things in my cart until I forget about them and have to start all over. And even with only searching two stores or even just one I still am left with endless choices!

But I have a secret for you, something that I am oh so happy to have found and cannot wait to share with you guys… the best convertible car seats from Babies Lounge.

This site was started by Kayla who is a mother of three little ones. She started her blog because she knows first hand how hard it can be deciding between all the different choices we have when it comes to our babies and what they need. She has quite literally complied hundreds of lists of recommended products including car seats!

Seriously this is the holy grail when shopping, from infant to convertible car seats she goes over the best car seats for travel, the best rear-facing convertible car seat, the best CHEAP convertible car seat… starting to catch my drift? This amazing blog has it all covered for you and the information that she gives you is fantastic. Not only does she cover the best seats but she covers why it is important to have a rear-facing seat, weight limits, and so much more.

In each section the pro’s and con’s of each seat are covered. She gives you details about the different brands of seat including the height and weight limits, the different features, and other valuable details. She also lays all the information out in a way that is incredibly helpful. You’re able to compare the information side-by-side, look at pictures, and compare the facts. I found her reviews to be honest and forthright, if she didn’t think there was much to one seat... she lets you know. Or likewise if she didn’t have certain information on one, she keeps you in the loop.

Needless to say I have found the holy grail of information on car seats, and have even found our next car seat thanks to Babies Lounge. I couldn’t be happier to have found this site. Even though I’m looking at car seats now, she has so much more information to share that I can tell I am going to be going back to this site again and again to compare products, and streamline my shopping experience.