A Bathroom Update In Two Days

If you’ve been following along for a bit you’ll know that we moved into this house a little over two years ago. I love this house, but like most homes, there are things I want to change and updates I want to make. Given that this house is several years old and it was originally the show home it it several shades of taupe, meaning painting is one of my top priorities. Don’t get me wrong, taupe is a fine color, this particular shade however is a bit too dark for my liking. Maybe I’m too basic but give me a good shade of white, gray, or pale pink any day and I’m a happy girl. Seriously every room in this house (minus the kitchen for some reason) is taupe, and almost every room has beadboard, except for the two smaller upstairs bedrooms and adjoining bathroom.

So now that the nesting has kicking in I decided the second bathroom NEEDED, yes NEEDED to be updated. I’m sure my husband would totally agree… I’m not talking rip it all out and start over, because aint nobody got time for that… or the money. I just mean a fresh coat of paint and some new decor. I just wanted to get rid of the taupe and make it a bit more personal and a lot less blah. Because let's face it, I spend a lot of time in there for bath time every night.

Here are the ‘before’ pictures:

The long boring wall... see what I mean

The long boring wall... see what I mean



See what I mean, it's very blah. So to Pinterest I went and I started to make a plan.

First things first, what did I want to do with it, I knew I needed a new paint color, and I needed to do something with the long, empty, boring wall that connects the bathroom to what is now the loft. Since we moved in this wall has been empty, and taupe and it needed a face lift. My first thought was to do board and batten along the wall and to add some hooks for towels etc. But a couple things got in my way;

1.) We have textured walls so to get the smooth clean look of Board and Batten I would need to add a whole sheet of wood to the wall, and that sounded exhausting. Or I’d need to sand it down to flatten it, and I’m lazy so that was a no.

2.) B&B requires a lot of wood cuts, and I’m not the best with math so the less wood cutting I had to do the better.

With these issues in my way I looked at the rest of our house and realized I could just add beadboard to the wall and it would tie in perfectly, without costing a ton, and without any cutting! At Home Depot I found the perfect vinyl beadboard that snapped into place in smaller sections, as opposed to one giant piece I would have to cut. Seriously, no math for me please. Top that off with some baseboard that I flipped upside down and voila!

For the paint color… enter my Fixer Upper addiction. On one of the episodes Chip and Jo did a little girls room with the most beautiful pink color called Ella Rose and I fell in love with it, so much so that I actually still remembered it and wanted to use it in the house somewhere. Enter the second bathroom. This was the perfect room for this color, light enough to not be too icky pink, but a fun pop of color. Only problem was, nowhere in Colorado sold it so yes, I’m that person that ordered paint from Magnolia (insert embarrassed face). I also wanted to paint the frame of the over sink mirror, it was an ugly black so I just took it down and took a can of white spray paint I already had on hand and went to town. It looks so much better and I think it lightens everything up nicely.

Next up was decor, I’ve never been a big bathroom decorator so this was fun and new for me, and it turns out the only place I needed to go for my decor was Small Wood Homes, where there are the cutest signs ever, and for a steal. I honestly always watch out for their sales which are happening all the time. Since this is Lil’s bathroom I wanted it to be girly, and uplifting and I had an image of a gallery wall. I don’t hang a lot of quotes in the house so I decided one room of wonderful quotes wasn’t gonna hurt anyone. I ended up purchasing this sign and this one (pictured below) and I also found these wood cut-out signs which were of course perfect for the bathroom. Those came unfinished so I grabbed some more spray paint, apparently I had 3 cans just sitting in my garage, and gave these a nice coat of white.

untitled (2 of 15).jpg
untitled (1 of 15).jpg
untitled (8 of 15).jpg
untitled (3 of 15).jpg
untitled (4 of 15).jpg
untitled (5 of 15).jpg

The whole project took me a whopping two days to do. I did the bead board in a couple hours, and spent a Saturday doing all the painting. I couldn’t be happier with the way it all turned out, and feel like it’s a completely new bathroom even though the whole project cost me far less than a complete bathroom remodel. Maybe next I’ll convince the husband that it needs a new shower...

Update a Bathroom.jpg