Problems Of A Real Life Blogger

Today I decided to do something fun, something to break up the week with some giggles. I’ve been working on my little blog for almost a year now, a whole friggin year! I’ve learned a lot and have a lot still to learn. But one thing I’ve noticed about the blogging journey is this, it’s not at all what I thought it would be. I go through so many ups and downs and so many “blogger struggles” that I never imagined being an actual thing. Would I change any of it? No. But I did think it would be fun to document the journey and to ask some fellow bloggers what their “Problems of A Real Life Blogger” are.

So these, my non-blogger tribe, are the real life struggles of bloggers, and we take it all very seriously. To my blogger friends, please feel free to comment and add anything you think I forgot!

  • You think of blog posts in the middle of the night and then forget them before you can write them down.

  • You’re in the middle of writing a great post, nap time ends, and when you finally go back to finish mom brain is in full effect and you can’t remember what you were going to say (mom bloggers unite!).

  • You sometimes have everything and nothing to say all at once.

  • The shit we go through for an Instagram photo…

  • And the lack of room in our iPhone storage because, well, photos!

  • The follow-unfollow game, it’s real folks!

  • But seriously, we’ll do anything for that Insta photo.

  • We spend 60+ hours a week working on our blog, and people say it isn’t a job.

  • The friends who say they read your blog… but clearly didn’t.

  • When you write a post and pour your heart into it, then no one shares, likes or comments… but the blog post you wrote in 5 minutes and think is utter crap, goes off like crazy.

  • The never ending want and fear of going viral

  • Making a blogging schedule, but life gets in the way and every single post gets forgotten about.

  • You constantly swing between near burn out and “this is so awesome all I want to do is blog, blog, blog.”

  • You have so many blog post ideas that you have a million scraps of paper with scattered throughout your life

  • A list of to-do’s so long on your phone that you walk around looking like a Pokemon Go player.

  • You hear fellow blogger friends talk about their 1,000 viewers a day, then wonder where yours are

  • Wanting to do it all, but wanting to do it well


But most importantly, the thing that a blogger really feels every, single, day, is the love for their blog. The passion for it and the excitement of it. We work hard on our blogs, and every day isn’t sunshine and daisies, but that’s to be expected with anything

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