Oh The Places My Blog Has Gone - Celebrating 1 Year

Happy birthday to me and my blog! Yup, yesterday I celebrated one year of blogging. I can hardly believe that it’s been that long, it feels like yesterday that I started the crazy journey. What once was my outlet just to talk about life as a new mom has turned into so much more. I still talk about motherhood, but as you know if you’ve been around, I talk about DIY’s, essential oils, yoga, small shops, I even feature other writers occasionally! Which I never imagined I would do. I also never imagined how far my blog would take me, or what it would teach me about myself. Since I’ve started blogging I have gained 10.9K in Instagram followers, over 600 FB fans, I have met so many amazing people, I have worked with some amazing companies, and I have gained so much self confidence.

I have also learned more than I expected. When I started this I really honestly thought that it wasn’t going to be a job. I naively thought that I could gain followers without trying, and that I wouldn't have to work on the blog every day. Oh was I wrong. Blogging is work, it takes a lot of time to write the posts, take pictures if necessary, to post on your social media, to connect with other bloggers and followers, to work with companies… the lists are endless.

But I still don’t have it all figured out. I do not write every day, and I don’t think I ever will. I go through weeks of posting three times and some weeks of not posting at all, sometimes the words and ideas are there and sometimes it’s a void. I don’t have a huge Facebook or Twitter following, those outlets don’t come easily to me. But I’ve worked hard on making relationships with followers on Instagram, I interact with people and I worked on making great relationships with fellow bloggers who I now call my friends. I’ve never once paid for likes or followers. I’ve done this all by hand, and I’ve worked my a** off to get to where I am today. And I still have so much I can do, that I can improve upon.

I would not be here and I could not have made this into what it is without the support of family, friends, and my blog community. So in a very Emmy Award winning acceptance speech way, here are my thank you’s.

Thank you to my husband, without whom I never would have had the courage to do this, and without whom I would have no proof reader. Thank you to my friends Emily, Chance, Lindsey, Lauren, Brynn, and Kelly for always reading my posts and liking and commenting on things, even though I’m sure I annoy you with some of it. Thank you to my family for encouraging me. And a HUGE thank you to these ladies, who have guided me, encouraged me, been there for me and who are truly friends to me now: Chystie, you’ll always be my Guru and you are hands down the reason I was successful so quickly. Gina, girl I just don’t even know how to give you all these feels, you’re such an inspiration to me and such a great support. I love working with you and cannot wait to keep growing with you. Abbie and Katie, you two were the first girls I really connected with in this crazy blogging world and I am forever grateful for you both and all the inspiration you’ve given me! Lindsay, my blogging-soul-sister you’re such an amazing go-getter and you inspire me everyday to work hard and write more, and also to have better fashion. Spencer, I feel like I’ve known you forever, from the time you were preggo with your sweet boy and writing about how your co-workers were asking you if you should eat a second donut and all you said was yes. That’s when I knew I’d love reading your blog and working with you and your mom to help promote your shop, you’re the first brand rep gig too! There are of course so many more: Keala, Tessa, Nichole, Sarah, Suzanne, Andrea, Alexie, Chelsea, Aimee, Jeeyoung, Ali, and so so many more. I absolutely know I’m forgetting someone but if I did forget you please forgive me.  

I feel silly writing this, to everyone else this is just another day and another blog post from someone you may have never met. But for me this is exciting, so I’m going to celebrate and have a cupcake, and hope that this next year brings me just as much adventure.  

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