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Lavender Charcoal Scrub

Lavender Charcoal Scrub

Did you know that charcoal, when used on your skin can draw out bacteria, dirt, and poisons on your skin? It also helps fight acne and blackheads! I only recently discovered my love for charcoal when it comes to skin care, I started using a face wash and noticed a huge difference in my complexion. After using this charcoal bar for a few months, I’ve noticed that almost all of my blackheads are gone and that my skin is a lot clearer. Unless Aunt Flo is in town… anywho, this bar of soap has shown me the love for charcoal, however there is only one problem. I need to exfoliate my skin too. Since I’ve been working towards migrating my beauty regimen to natural products I have gotten rid of all of my old scrubs. Which left me with two options for a new one, either buying a scrub or making one. Since I didn’t want to spend $50 on a good natural scrub, I decided to make one for myself.

I’ve made face creams, body washes, and scrubs before, but I’ve never used charcoal so this was an adventure from me. First things first I needed the charcoal, so off to Sprouts I went and found this jar of activated charcoal capsules for $6.99 *make sure you get capsules so that you can easily open and use the charcoal*. Everything else I already had at home so this was an inexpensive face scrub for me to make!

Here is your list of ingredients:

1 mixing bowl

1 spoon

1 cup of sugar (brown or white it just needs to be fine grained)

5-10 active charcoal pills (this is a preference on how diluted you’d like the charcoal to be)

½ cup olive oil (you can mix olive oil with castor and or almond oil)

15-20 drop of essential oil

Air tight container



Pour one cup of sugar into a large bowl

Gently pull apart the charcoal capsules and dump them in with the sugar

Next you’ll mix together your oils, I used a combination of olive oil, castor oil and almond oil. You can use only olive oil if you like, just make sure the oils equal out to ½ a cup

Mix together the sugar, charcoal and oils

Next you’ll add your essential oil for scent. I added lavender. You’ll add 15-20 drops depending on how strong you like the fragrance to be.

Mix again and place in your air tight container


When using this face scrub I remove all makeup, splash some water on my face, scrub, then wash again. You’ll see some residual charcoal on your face, but it comes off easily with a little soap.


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