Lavender Charcoal Scrub

Did you know that charcoal, when used on your skin can draw out bacteria, dirt, and poisons on your skin? It also helps fight acne and blackheads! I only recently discovered my love for charcoal when it comes to skin care, I started using a face wash and noticed a huge difference in my complexion. After using this charcoal bar for a few months, I’ve noticed that almost all of my blackheads are gone and that my skin is a lot clearer. Unless Aunt Flo is in town… anywho, this bar of soap has shown me the love for charcoal, however there is only one problem. I need to exfoliate my skin too. Since I’ve been working towards migrating my beauty regimen to natural products I have gotten rid of all of my old scrubs. Which left me with two options for a new one, either buying a scrub or making one. Since I didn’t want to spend $50 on a good natural scrub, I decided to make one for myself.

I’ve made face creams, body washes, and scrubs before, but I’ve never used charcoal so this was an adventure from me. First things first I needed the charcoal, so off to Sprouts I went and found this jar of activated charcoal capsules for $6.99 *make sure you get capsules so that you can easily open and use the charcoal*. Everything else I already had at home so this was an inexpensive face scrub for me to make!

Here is your list of ingredients:

1 mixing bowl

1 spoon

1 cup of sugar (brown or white it just needs to be fine grained)

5-10 active charcoal pills (this is a preference on how diluted you’d like the charcoal to be)

½ cup olive oil (you can mix olive oil with castor and or almond oil)

15-20 drop of essential oil

Air tight container



Pour one cup of sugar into a large bowl

Gently pull apart the charcoal capsules and dump them in with the sugar

Next you’ll mix together your oils, I used a combination of olive oil, castor oil and almond oil. You can use only olive oil if you like, just make sure the oils equal out to ½ a cup

Mix together the sugar, charcoal and oils

Next you’ll add your essential oil for scent. I added lavender. You’ll add 15-20 drops depending on how strong you like the fragrance to be.

Mix again and place in your air tight container


When using this face scrub I remove all makeup, splash some water on my face, scrub, then wash again. You’ll see some residual charcoal on your face, but it comes off easily with a little soap.


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