I Just Don't Want To Potty Train - With Comforts Baby

As an expecting parent there were lots of things that I dreaded, wondered about, didn’t understand, and underestimated. I mean being a parent and raising a tiny human is a huge job and there are so many unexpected things that go with parenthood. I would imagine that every parent out there can confess to thinking “oh that will be easy!” or “I bet it’s not as hard as people say, I can do it!” I definitely said that a few times before Lilly came along, but one thing I never doubted was how difficulty potty training would be. From day one this one looming experience has had me quivering in my mom jeans. Do I think I can do it? Sure. Do I think Lilly can do it? Sure. But I simply don’t want to. I don’t like cleaning poop out of underwear, and I don’t like cleaning up pee. If someone out there likes it let me know! I don’t want to say “do you have to go potty?” 500 times in a day. It’s not my strong suit.

I know... one day I will have to face the music and get her potty trained, but I like the comfort of having her in diapers. Diapers make me not want to potty train her yet. They are my security, my safety net (quite literally). With the magic of diapers I can go about my toddler-filled day and know that of all the messes I have to clean up and all the negotiations I have to have with her, at least the pee and poop will be contained. At least my carpets will be saved. Minus the juice, play dough, markers, dog fur… okay maybe my carpets won’t be saved. But you get the point. The diapers are reliable.

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And not all brands are the same. You wouldn’t buy a car seat without looking into it, why should we just grab the first brand we see off the shelf? Enter my good friend: Comforts Diapers and Wipes. Comforts diapers offer day and night leak protection. They also have a wetness indicator in ALL SIZES, which in my 2 years of diaper buying is not a sure thing with other brands. And to add to that Comforts offers fun patterns and a soft outer cover, making the diaper more comfortable than other brands. When it comes to clean up, Comforts Wipes come in Fragrance Free, Sensitive and Scented varieties with a Quilted-Thick or Soft-Cushiony cloth-like feel. All of Comforts Wipes are alcohol and paraben free, hypoallergenic and gentle on skin with moisturizing aloe & vitamin E. They are the total package.

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With Comforts, Lilly is comfortable all-day long and I’ve noticed a lot less resistance to changing times. That’s her highest endorsement! So while I have the benefit of knowing that Comforts Diapers and Wipes are here for me, and that they won’t break my bank account, I have one more reason to justify delaying potty-training just a little longer. You can find these amazing products at your local Kroger stores. You can all see more Comforts updates and savings at www.comfortsforbaby.com

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