Wednesday Confessional

It’s Wednesday and I’ve decided to get real with all of you lovely people.

I try and make my blog pretty, I make sure that I do my best to make my Insta pics as close to perfect as possible. I meticulously write my posts and I pose almost every photo I take. But I promise you, this book is nothing like the cover. On an exceptionally average day like mine I’m so far from perfect it’s amusing. Or embarrassing, I’m not sure which...

So here is my real life confessional… ready?... go!

-I don’t shower till 9 or 10 most days

-I wash my hair once, maybe twice a week

-I set my alarm for 6 every morning but NEVER get up before baby

-I can’t wait for naptime

-I cringe when naptime ends some days

-I’ll wait to change a dirty diaper to see if hubs will change it first… cuz I don’t wanna

-I pretend I don’t see the dog eating the trash

-I let dirty dishes sit in my sink… for longer than I’d care to admit

-I let laundry pile up until I have no clothes to wear

-I drink wine more than once a week…

-I don’t watch The Bachelor

-I hate UGG boots… with a fierce passion

-I drank wine and ate fish while I was pregnant

-I’ve let my baby watch TV if it’s on

-My baby sleeps with bumpers (gasp!)

-She also sleeps with a blanket for naptime (double gasp!)

-It takes a lot for me to clean the showers… like a lot

-I make my husband edit every single post (and his concern from reading this was the dogs eating the trash...)

-I feel completely imperfect every day… and I’m SO okay with that

Phew! So glad I could get that all off my chest! XOXO