Creating Your Own Yoga Space

One of the things I love most about yoga is that it is your own. No two practices are the same, just like no two people are the same. Each pose, each breath, each energy is uniquely yours and there is so much beauty in realizing that. On top of the benefits of yoga, I personally love my ability to practice anywhere, not just in the studio. Your mat can go with you to the ends of the earth, or maybe just the four walls of your home. No matter where you are your yoga practice is with you.

Home practices are sometimes all that can fit into your schedule, especially with young ones in your life. I know that for me, getting to yoga as often as I’d like can be quite difficult. And it always seems to be the days you need it the most that it is the hardest to get there. Which is when I try and turn to my home practice. But sometimes rolling out your mat in the middle of the crazy hubbub of life can be less than relaxing. But it doesn’t have to be that way, it’s almost too easy to create a space in your home for your yoga practice. Be it a special yoga room, or a corner of your home that stays a little more quiet than the rest. I have found, in my nine years of doing yoga, that there are some simple things you can do to create the perfect space for the ultimate zen-like yoga practice.

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  • Find a quiet, peaceful spot. By this I mean somewhere in your home that isn’t highly used, like the kitchen or family room. A room where you can easily escape to have a few moments to flow.
  • Space. You can’t do yoga in a tight space, so make sure you have room to move, without worrying about knocking over a lamp or a photo. This will help you immerse yourself into your at-home flow even more.
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Hardwood floors. Yes yoga can definitely be done on carpet, but I have found it is easier to move on a hard surface, and it allows my mat to be extra sticky, not to mention the solid floor is more supportive.

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  • Fill the space with a scent of your choosing. For me I use peace + tranquility (a cashmere and jasmine scent) or joy + laughter (a cranberry and dahlia scent) from Chesapeake Bay Candle. These scents and the soothing flicker of a candle are sure to transform my space into exactly what I need. Find a scent that fits you, fits what you’re needing. For instance, peace + tranquility, strength + energy, reflection + clarity and more are all great options from the Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body collection. Chesapeake Bay Candle is currently my favorite candle company because of what they can do for my mindset.
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  • Add your flow music, whatever you may need in that moment to go along with your candle scent.
  • Yoga props. I always have my yoga block, wheel and strap easily accessible when doing an at home flow, so that I don’t have to interrupt my practice to go to the other room to get something I may need. I always love adding props to my practice too to help strengthen it and deepen my abilities.
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  • My favorite part, a cool washcloth for your savasana. This is one of my favorite parts of my studio, and is so easy to do at home there is no point in skipping it. A few hours before you do your flow simply add a wet washcloth to the fridge and before you start your practice place it in a bowl of ice next to your mat. When you’ve concluded your practice simply place it on your forehead for ultimate relaxation. To really experience this you can even add essential oils that complement the candle scent of you choose.
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I do not have a specific yoga room at my home (house goals) but I do have a favorite spot. It is in the front of the house, away from the commotion, and it is wide open for my practice. The window looks out onto our front garden and pine tree, and there are no distractions like a TV, or laundry pile for me to look at. All I have to do is unroll my mat, light my candles, play my music and start moving. Even if it’s only for 30 minutes.

My favorite part about creating the space at home is my ability to make it what I want or need. Is there something else in your home that calms you, or that uplifts you? Add it to your space. Something else that really sets apart the home practice is being able to add things like candles from the Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body collection to my practice. In a typical studio environment, you’re not supposed to wear scents, or burn candles of any kind. Not all noses are made equal. So being able to add an aroma that is tailored to my needs really sets the mood for my practice. And I can continue to enjoy them even after my practice is over, taking them into the rest of my day!

If you’d like to try these wonderful candle you can shop the peace + tranquility sizes here: Coffee Table Jar, Large Jar, Medium Jar. For the joy + laughter size: Coffee Table Jar, Large Jar, Medium Jar.

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Thank you to Chesapeake Bay Candle for making this post possible, as always all views are my own.

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