Dear Baby Gate, I Kind of Hate You

So Lil is now on the move, like into everything on the move. We’ve gone past the kinda-sorta-thinking-about-it stage to the full blown follow-mommy-everywhere stage. I went to Target about a week ago and bought a baby gate, knowing this day was coming. The day when I would need to trap her... I mean keep her in a safe place. Well last week I busted out the handy dandy baby gate and only a few days later I have come to the realization that this lovely device, meant to help parents, is my mortal enemy.

Yes, yes I know that it’s for her safety, my sanity and general parenting-ish things. I get that and agree, but I’m starting to really hate my damn baby gate and here are my reasons why:


  1. This isn’t so much a gate for my baby, it’s a prison cell for my dogs. Or so they think. They don’t understand why they can’t get into this room, or why they can’t walk through this hallway anymore. Without fail as soon as I put the gate up for the day one of them is on the other side of it whining to get through. Then as soon as I let them through, they want back on the original side. The original children don’t understand why their rules are changing.

  2. The stupid gate is smarter than me! I swear it. I even made sure to get the super old school wood and plastic one with the simple hinge. None of this installing it into my wall crap. But the first time I took it out I spent 10 minutes figuring out how to slide it to different widths! I mean why on earth would you make a gate that you have to lift the hinge, then simultaneously click the plastic trigger thingy to open it!? I’m trying to run a house here people! I don’t have time for your crazy antics!

  3. My husband… oh my husband. As soon as he comes home from work he lifts the baby gate, and moves it to the side. Therefore opening up my container for the speed-demon… I mean baby… and letting her loose in the house. Why can you not put it back or simply step over it like any other mutli-tasking mother? Love you dear!

  4. It’s in my way… well duh, Annie. That’s what it’s supposed to do! But I mean like really in my way. Of course it is placed in areas of high use, since that’s where we mostly hang out, but I’m not going to bend over, lift the latch turn around and reset it all while carrying a baby, a bottle and a load of laundry upstairs. You know what they need to invent? A baby gate that has a sensor, like the trash cans you can hover your foot over! One that opens for people weighing over 100 lbs! I’m a genius, seriously people.

I am sure there are many more reasons deep down that I hate my baby gate, albeit a life saver some days when little miss is on a mission. But mostly, my dear baby gate, you get in my damn way.



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