DIY Essential Oil Face Cream

Let’s be honest here for a bit, I have never liked my skin. It has been a battle for me since the angsty teenage years when acne showed up on my door step and never left. It’s been a battle for me ever since. I’ve tried everything from Neutrogena to Clearasil to Proactive to designer face creams, washes, and so on. But none of it really seemed to work. So then what happens? I put makeup on to cover my skin. It used to be to cover the pimples but now that those are fewer and have a little more length between appearances, it’s to cover the scarring or my general bags under my eyes (I fear those may never go away). But now that I’m on the latter end of the 20’s I’m finally starting to figure it out! My magic cure so far? Making my own face creams and adding essential oils to them. Who would have thought the oils would be the answer? Usually oils and the face are thought to be life long enemies, but not in my case. I’ve mentioned before in my Essential Oils Journey -Part 2 that I have been using a night serum which I love. In that same post I also mentioned that I wanted to overhaul my beauty products and start making my own face moisturizers, body washes etc. Well I started. Because when I get an idea and want to try something I become very impatient about it and have to do it RIGHT THEN. You don’t even want to know what Pinterest has caused me to do… So after I wrote that post I packed Lilly up and headed to Sprouts to buy everything I would need to make my own stuff.

I made quite a few things, starting with a face cream for daytime use which is what I’m going to talk about today. I knew I wanted something moisturizing, calming, and something to help the overall look of my skin (wrinkles, scars etc.) After doing my research I decided to use the following things:

Cocoa butter, for moisturization and as the foundation to the lotion. Coconut oil, again for moisturization but also anti aging and Vitamin E. Avocado and almond oil, remove impurities in the skin and moisturizing. Frankincense essential oil, this is the ONE essential oil that everyone will agree should be used on the skin, it contains healing properties, is great for wrinkle and fine lines, it is an antiseptic, removes scars of all types and is an anti-inflammatory. Carrott seed oil is another great one for skin, but it is a little less known. It is said to nourish, tighten, and rejuvenate  skin. Last, but not least, lavender essential oil is healing to the body, calming, disinfecting, soothing, and a great complimentary scent.

All of these combined have made for a wonderful face lotion that I have used every day. I have already noticed a difference in my skin tone and smoothness. This recipe will make you a small mason jar worth that will last for quite some time, as you only need a very tiny amount each morning.

DIY Frankincense Face Cream


½ cup cocoa butter

¼ cup coconut oil

2 tbs avocado oil

2tbs almond oil

15 drops frankincense essential oil

10 drops carrott seed essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

(Frankincense is a very strong aroma and if it is not appealing to you I would do about half the amount and substitute the Lavender oil to counter the smell)

Also, fair warning, I’m not super good about instructions or measurements… so bare with me on the hodge podge way I remember how I did this.

  • First you will need to melt the cocoa butter. I measured it and placed it in a small sauce pan and melted it over medium heat on the stove. It didn’t take long, so keep an eye on it.

  • After the cocoa butter is melted you’ll mix in the coconut oil, avocado oil, and almond oil. Stir them to combine (it is ok if the coconut oil doesn’t de clump, that will happen later)

  • I then placed the mixture in the fridge. Can’t tell ya how long because I didn’t look… whoops… but once it’s hardened go ahead and take it out.

  • I transferred it to my Kitchen Aid mixer and whipped it on high speed until it was fluffy and white. I had to stop halfway through to make sure there wasn’t any sticking to the bottom of the bowl.

  • Once it’s become fluffy, go ahead and add your essential oils. Continue mixing until you think they’re all combined.

And done!

See how easy and how much lotion you now have? This can be a bit oily if you use too much so I really suggest you use a very tiny amount. I use the lotion every morning and put makeup on top of it and it looks great!

Do you like this recipe? If so let me know, or share it on Pinterest or Bloglovin!