DIY Floral Valentine's Letters

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous week! We made it through our three day juice cleanse and boy was it a week! I’ll tell you all about it in detail on Monday, but for today I’m starting a fun series in honor of Valentine's Day! Every Friday leading up to V-day I’m going to share with you a fun DIY or something Valentine’s related! I absolutely love this holiday, especially with my hubby. Eight years ago on Valentines day Bear and I went on our first date. We had known each other for a few years through mutual friends in college, but had only ever had brief conversations. One day my roommate and I saw Bear walking around our house (we lived in a basement apartment) and we figured he was going to knock but he didn’t, come to find he left three pink roses on my doorstep and asked me to a sushi dinner. He wore a white button up shirt and jeans, which I’ll never forget, and we had a wonderful dinner and from that night we both knew we were going to be together forever.


Once we officially started dating and I was introduced to the family I also got to experience a Valentine's celebration with his family. For them Valentine's Day is a family tradition, we have a dinner, my mother-in-law decorates the table exquisitely with candy, flowers, balloons, stuffed bears, candles, and a few gifts. So in our home February 14th is a day we always celebrate and it means quite a bit to me.

Due to my love for V-Day I have a whole box of decorations and I always end up buying more every year, but this year I made a whole bunch of new things to add to my collection so I’m sharing them with you. All of them are super easy and done in under 15 minutes! The first one I want to share is a heart covered XO wood sign.


What you’ll need:

-1 wooden X

-1 wooden O

-Hot glue gun

-Hot glue sticks

-2 or 3 bunches of fake flowers

    *It will depend on how big your letters are, and colors are entirely up to you


How to make it:

-First remove all the buds of the flowers from the stems. I chose not to add any greenery to the letters, but that is a personal preference.


-Next you’ll start gluing. Add a dollop of hot glue to the bottom of the flower and attach it to the letter.

-Fill in till your heart's content. I wanted some of the X to show through so I left portions of it blank.


-Make sure you fill in below the flowers to cover up the bottoms and the glue. Do this by placing the flowers close together and angle a few on their sides.


Ta Da! You’re all done. See? A seriously easy DIY that takes less than 15 minutes and looks so beautiful!

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