DIY Granite Cleaner

Granite, it makes for beautiful counters doesn’t it? But man it can be hard to clean. Mine in particular hide dirt and gunk very well which can come in handy when we have surprise guests, but then grosses me out when I actually do get around to wiping them down. My go-to Clorox wipes can’t be used and let’s face it, sprays can just smell gross, and are expensive! One thing I’ve read a lot is that you can’t use acidic things on granite (lemon etc.) So I decided to make my own granite cleaner and so far I LOVE it. After scouring Pinterest for a good recipe and failing to find one I liked, I got crafty and made my own.

Not only did I already have everything I needed in my house, but it is super cheap and actually works really well at getting the counters clean. It doesn’t have a harsh smell either which is a plus. Fair warning I’m bad at measuring and being precise, plus I didn’t take photos of the process. I got too excited and it is honestly too simple to be taking pictures.


DIY Essential Oil Granite Cleaner

2 cups hot water

¼ cup rubbing alcohol

A splash of Castille Soap (any scent you like)

10-20 drops of Tea Tree essential oil


I used an old Meyers spray bottle rinsed of the old product. All you have to do is pour the water into the bottle, followed by all the remaining ingredients. Give it a good shake and you’re done! Super easy right? Now give it a try and let me know what you think!


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