Essential Oil Journey - Part One

In my yoga journey I have regularly come across essential oils. Teachers use them in class for Savasana (the final pose of class) massages and to spray on you to cool you down. I’ve also seen new oil companies popping up seemingly everywhere. I knew, and still know, very little about essential oils and have always just thought of them as smelly good things. Recently though I have seen more on using them in everyday life, from cleaning to beauty regimens and even for your baby! Say what?! You don’t need bleach to clean? And an oil can help calm a crying baby? No, freaking, way! Even after seeing the oils craze take off I kind of shrugged it away and said “meh”. But when my best friend told me that she started using them and that they were helping her win a long standing battle with sleep, my attention spiked. Maybe there really is something behind this craze...

So I started researching and man is there a LOT of information out there! It is rather overwhelming to be honest. I didn’t know where to start, so to Pinterest I went. But even that was too much for me… oil overload for the brain. I read post after post on essential oils. I knew nothing so I wanted to arm myself with basic information and knowledge. I wanted to know what good oils were, how to know if I was buying good oils, I wanted to know EVERYTHING. But I wasn’t getting the information I wanted. I was getting vague “they’re great” posts but nothing telling me why I should use them. Until I found a pin that lead me to this post: Introduction to Essential Oil Safety from Christina at The Hippy Homemaker. I then proceeded to spend 2 hours on her site. She is studying to be a Registered Aromatherapist and has many posts about essential oils. Here are just a few of the posts I found incredibly helpful from Christina:

  • I have heard of many different brands of essential oils but didn’t know if some were better than others or what made a good oil. Christina wrote this post that was really helpful to me, because she went over all of the brands I had ever heard of and more. She also lead me to Whole New Mom who wrote a series on oil brands as well! They both really shed some light on different companies and the good, bad and great of each.

  • I’d heard of putting oils in water, to help add some flavor as well and thought “oh cool, oils are perfectly fine to ingest,”... not so much. Here Christina talks all about that, and i was wrong! There are common essential oils you should NOT ingest.

  • And most importantly to me, Lil. I had heard so much about using oils to help with crying babies, sick babies, teething babies etc. I was not sold on this though, simply because it seemed unsafe to use on such a fragile person. Well I’m glad I found this article: Safe Essential Oil Use With Babies and Children because yes there are some that are great for babies and there are some oils that you cannot use on babies. When using oils with children you have to use them even more sparingly than you do on adults. So glad I found this!

By this point I’m feeling much more confident in my journey to using essential oils. Just knowing the basics behind them I felt more prepared and aware. After reading up about what makes a quality oil, where to buy the oils and safety when using oils I decided to dive into how to use them! Beauty is where I am beginning, our skin care routine is a part of daily life. I like to feel good in my skin and what better way to do that than have a healthy beauty regimen? I asked my friend which recipe she uses for her facial routine after her telling me it was already doing wonders for her skin and she lead me to Body Unburdened where I fell in love with Nadia. She has so many ah-mazing posts on DIY recipes for using essential oils in your beauty regimen. It was so hard to just pick one! But I decided that I need to use a recipe that is what my skin needs, so I plan to try and make my own recipe using this chart from Nadias post on the top 10 essential oils for skin care. I’m going to use Jojoba oils as my carrier then add in some Castor oil, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang. If you’re looking for some guided recipes she has everything from scrubs, to face washes, and toners. I spent an entire Lilly nap reading her posts!

Image from Body Unburdened

Image from Body Unburdened

I’m one of those people that when I’m excited about something I go full force into it… like warp speed because what’s the fun in slowly jumping into something?! I also am a very impatient person and right now waiting for my oil starter kit to get here is just about killing me so I went and bought a few things at Whole Foods. Carrier Oils and a few oils that didn’t come in my starter kit but that I knew I’d want for my skin care. I also bought a book “Healing Oils 500 Formulas For Aromatherapy” at Barnes and Noble to help me learn more as I go.

So here I go on my exciting new journey! I’ve ordered my oils, I’m armed with a plethora of information (even though I know there is so much more to learn) and I have a plan for how to use my oils once they get here! I plan to share all of this with you loves as I go, because who doesn’t love a multi-post journey!