Fall Family Photos - A Tradition

Tis that time of year, the one my husbands dreads every year. Family photos! Despite the husband's grumbling and protests of having to do it. Despite the question of “do we really have to do this every year?” And the stress of getting us all there and getting everyone (dogs included) to cooperate. Despite all of that, I love taking family photos, I love knowing that I’ll have all of these to look back on when kiddos are grown up. Yes I take a million pictures of Lil every week, but I don’t often, or ever, get one of all of us. Let alone all of us humans and our furry companions. So every year, in the fall, I get our family photos taken. And yes, dear husband, I will do this every year until our kids are gone, and since this is my first year of having the blog at the same time, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you all!

All photos were taken by Liz from Liz Fendell Photography




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