The Beauty Of A Family Photo

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

Marc Riboud



Since I can remember I’ve always been the person taking photos. Some people, especially my husband, say I take too many. He constantly says I need to be in the moment and remember it, instead of viewing it through the lens. And maybe that is true, I try and be conscious of the moments, to really focus on them, but what people don’t understand is that a photo to me is a moment, it is forever savoring that feeling, the smile, the giggle. To me a photo is everything, it is what I will look back on when I am old and gray, when my children are grown.  


As a blogger my hoarding of photos has gotten worse, not that anyone thought it was possible. Photos of Lilly inundate my phone, occasionally I am in there with her, or maybe it’s a dog tail swishing by, and in a rare moment I can capture her with her daddy. But the true rarity is a photo of my husband and I, or lo and behold, all of us together dogs and all! Between a toddler saying “no picture mama”, a husband who doesn’t like taking photos, and a life that is crazy busy, it is a wonder that we have of these gems.

I want Lilly to have photos of her childhood, of all the adventures we go on, and all the memories we have. But those memories include myself and my husband. We may age as the years roll by, we may change. The photos will not hide that, but instead they will show our love for our life, for our daughter, and they will, in time, be a memory of what we were like along the way. Each photo will be a moment in time for her to show her children.


This is why I will always, and forever, demand that we take a yearly family photo. Not one on a selfie stick, or one taken on a phone. Not one where Lilly is whining, nor one with poor light and our regularly scheduled clothing. I will always want family photos taken by a professional, where we dress nicely and go to a special place for the backdrop.. Is it the easiest experience in the world? Absolutely not, but when I found Liz Fendell, a local photographer, our whole experience changed!

Liz is a wife and mom of three who has taken her passion and made it into a career. It takes a lot to be an amazing photographer, one who really captures the essence of a family, of a person. But Liz does this, and effortlessly. She was patient with Lilly, with our exuberant dogs, and with a mother and father who were struggling to keep both furry and toddler kids alike happy and cooperative. She captured smiles from Lilly that I didn’t even know happened, and she got those moments in between, when we were just being us.


To say that I love Liz and her work is an understatement, I truly cannot express how grateful I am to have found her, to have been lucky enough to schedule time with her. She is a kind, talented woman. A woman who deserves all the success in the world!

When I look at these photos, I forget the hassle of getting everyone there, and all I see is my beautiful family. I will always remember what Lilly was like as a 2-year old, I will always remember the laughs we shared while trying to get her to smile. I will see these photos and be so happy that I got in front of the camera, that I dragged everybody along for a smile and an afternoon together.



All photos from Liz Fendell Photography