Finding My Home - Part One

It’s surely no secret that we recently moved, so needless to say my life has been a little off kilter. I’ve lost track of any sort of routine I once had… as much as you can have a routine with a baby. My blogging has been on the back-burner, my healthy eating, not to mention my exercising. It takes a lot to drag my butt to the gym, and I mean A LOT… don’t ever sign me up for cardio… like ever. But yoga, I’m missing it. My mood is noticeably different, I’m feeling tight and wound up, not to mention I’m missing my me time. My hubbs will willingly watch Lil and have me go to yoga, don’t get me wrong. So it’s not him, or the house, or baby. It’s not even motivation… leave the lack of motivation for the gym. No it’s none of those things, instead it’s my heartbreak over missing my old studio.

There was that je ne sais quoi… the people, the feeling when you walked in the door, the atmosphere. I want that again and I have stubbornly set myself to the fate of never finding it again. But as I write this I’m thinking back to my first class at Mind Stream and I can tell you this for sure, I was skeptical. It was a new startup, family owned, single room studio. I took my class and liked it, and I kept going back because something drew me to it. It wasn’t an instant all-consuming love at first. I’m talking about a building like it is a person, a relationship, but for me it was. This place was my home and the teachers became my family. My fear now is that I’ll never find that again, that I am a tiny fish in a huge ocean now and I won’t make relationships with instructors, I won’t ever be welcomed by name when I walk in the door for class.

But I’ve come to this conclusion: if I don’t try, in earnest, to find my new home away from home I’m setting myself up for failure. So I’m going to bring my world of blogging and yoga together. I’m going to take you all on my adventure of finding a new studio! So far I’ve been to one studio, and it’s no stranger to me, and may be no stranger to you either. It is CorePower Yoga. I took my teacher training through them and I like them just fine. I was practicing with them before I found Mind Stream and the one reason that I left was that they felt a little too corporate for me. Their studios are fantastic, very clean and well kept. The classes are good, they cover everything you need in a Vinyassa class, plus they offer classes like Sculpt (with weights). My class with them this week was good, I had zero complaints and at the end of class they put a cold towel in our hands with lavender essential oils in it… best thing ever! I liked the teacher and the flow of class was good, it gave me the release I needed and I surely worked up a sweat.  As you can probably tell from my lack of pa-zaz, it was fine… just fine. I will give it a few more tries and meet new teachers, everything takes time right? I just have to work on getting the comparisons out of my head. So studio number one down. I’d give it a B, nothing bad but also nothing awe inspiring. Onward we go, hopefully I haven’t bored you all to death with my critique of finding the perfect yoga studio, and I plan to share the rest of my journey with you too!