My 5 Secrets To Getting To The Gym and Enjoying It!

Happy Monday everyone! I feel ironic saying that because… well Monday, and I just got back from a weekend camping, so I’m not feeling the whole back to reality thing. But I’m popping up on your screen today because I’m teaming up with Corina from Now THAT I can do and Allison from Something Cute Happened to talk about fitness! Yes, fitness... on a Monday just seems wrong right? I totally agree, I sometimes have a very hard time gearing myself up to get to the gym. Which is why I’m going to share with you my 5 secrets to getting to the gym and enjoying it. In all honesty I feel sort of like I’m being a giant fraud right now, because as of late I have fallen off the fitness train, I’m talking maybe one workout a week. No particular reason why, life just kinda happened and now I’m having a difficult time getting back into any semblance of a routine. So take my following advice with a grain of salt and remember that some days are gonna be easier than others.


  1. Never skip a Monday. I know that sounds ironic and cliche, and I’m sure you’ve seen it all over Pinterest. But it’s for real, at least for me. I’ve really noticed that if I skip working out on Monday then I am bound to find reasons, albeit stupid ones, to skip going to the gym or yoga for the rest of the week. So every Monday I really try to do something, even if it’s a light workout, a walk, or an easy yoga class. Something to getting the laziness of the weekend off of me and get my blood flowing. This really sets me up to feel prepared to throw on my gym clothes at least a few more times during the week.

  2. “Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands” Any Legally Blonde fans in the house? I’ve never heard truer words spoken. I honestly feel happier and more prepared to battle whatever comes at me when I have been working out. My husband will attest to that. Taking time to do something for you can make all the difference when it comes to handling the stressful days we often have.

  3. Find a not-so-routine routine. Weird advice right? Especially since a lot of people tell you to find a routine and stick to it. Well I find that only sort of true. If I have a set-in-stone routine, where I go to the same class, on the same day, every week... I get bored. Not only do I get bored but life happens and sometimes I honestly can’t make it when I was supposed to go. So I’ve found 4-5 types of classes at my gym that I like, all different levels of workouts, and each week I look at the class schedule and pick out some for the week, based on how I’m feeling and what sounds good to me then. If I feel like I need more yoga, I’ll do a yoga heavy week. If I’m feeling strong I’ll do BodyPump. If I’m feeling sorta lazy (like I don’t want to stand) I’ll go to a 50 minute spin class… get the picture?

  4. Don’t set a hard limit. Don’t tell yourself you HAVE to go to the gym 5 days a week. I find that if you set hard limits, then not being able to go one day triggers something in my brain that says “oh well I’ve already failed my goal, why keep going?” However if I say to myself: I’d like to go somewhere between 2-4 days this week. I am more likely to reach my goal and not get down on myself when kiddo and life pop up and I get taken away from the gym.

  5. Don’t do it to be skinny. Seriously, don’t. Go to the gym to be healthy. Go to your workouts wanting to feel good about yourself. We need to stop seeing the gym and fitness as something where the end goal is only to be skinny, to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect and I personally think being fit is more sexy than being skinny. Feeling good in your skin is better than being a size two. You are what matters, not the size or the number. Go to the gym for you and no one else. This by far is the most important one to me. I go because it feels good, I feel good when I’m done. I go to the gym for me and no one else. (I’ll hop off my soap box now)

So there you are, my secrets to getting to the gym. No it’s not always easy and sometimes none of this even works for me, sometimes I just don’t have it in me. But 90% of the time it does, and everything I said is my honest opinion. Without these 5 things I would hate going to the gym, I would never workout and I would inevitably feel awful all the time. So give it a try, tweak it if you need to. But if you do tweak it, promise me you’ll come back and let me know what you changed and if it’s working for you! Also head over to Now THAT I can do and  Something Cute Happened to see what Corina and Alison have to say about their fitness routines!

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