Working Out With Kids - Foxy's Domestic Side

I'm breaking the mold for my March Madness of bloggers joining me which means I'm adding a couple Saturday posts! I know, crazy right? Anywho... today I have Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side. Sarah is a mommy to two precious kiddos, she loves scrapbooking, quilting, running (even though she claims she's not a runner) and is an engineer... no biggy.

Hello Simply Annie readers! I'm Sarah and I blog over at Foxy's Domestic Side.  I remember being pregnant and being over the moon excited! Getting ready for baby, buying all things baby and basically having baby on the brain 24/7. Then baby finally comes and you realize, wow I'm in charge of this tiny human, everything I do is for them and you like it. But when you finally come out of the newborn haze, you realize, when do I get me back? When does my life not revolve around this tiny person? Well it doesn't, so you have to start incorporating them into what life used to be like right?


Sounds simple enough, but how does that work when you want to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, or some resemblance of it? Enter, BOB, it's going to be your best friend. My husband and I consider this workout equipment, we have gotten so much use out of it, both the single and the double, that it's more than paid for itself! This is when my oldest was about a month old. He slept, I got out and walked around, win-win.

Then I got the all clear from the doctor, I can work out...I no longer have the excuse: I can't workout I just had a baby. Enter my most favorite thing as a mom with small children EVER...Stroller Strides. Have you heard of it? It is a fitness class, lead by a certified instructor leading both you and baby (in the stroller) on a great workout. Some workouts we would run up to 3 miles...with a stroller...stopping every so often (usually not running more than a quarter mile at a time) to do push ups, band work...

Don't worry, Stroller Strides is for everyone of all fitness levels. The reason they only go about a quarter mile before stopping, to let everyone catch up. In our class they always gave the runners a longer route to take. When I first went I couldn't even go 10 steps without being out of breath. There are almost always people walking, so you're not alone. See we stopped to do things like this. (see me there, I'm 6 from the end of the line). But I think besides the good workout, you were with other moms in the same situation, everyone having a sleepless night the night before, everyone tired, and they just want to get out of the house! Usually everyone let's the kids play afterwards at the playground, since they've been strapped in a stroller for 60 minutes. If your kids cries, everyone gets it, we all start singing the Wheels On the Bus, or perhaps one kids starts crying, they all start crying and we keep going. Usually when that happened, we start running again and it calms everyone down.  So don't be afraid, just go do it! Most Stroller Strids Franchises have a free trail week you can do. With my first I went 4-5 times a week, with my second it was more like 2-3.

So you go back to work, now what? For me I know I'm gone at work for 12+ hours, but if I don't get to work on me a little bit, then I am not going to be the best mother I can be.  I'm not going to lie, it's hard. It's hard to not come home from work after 12 hours and want to just lay on the couch or play with the kids.  We decided we wanted our kids to be old enough to talk before we left them at the gym daycare, so I signed up for a half marathon. Seriously I AM NOT A RUNNER, I repeat I am NOT a RUNNER! But I did it, gave me the motivation to work out, to not have to be carried off of the course was my goal.  Most weeks I would take my oldest (youngest not born yet) with me on my training my BOB (what else). I finished the race in 2 hours 23 minutes, my secondary goal was to do it under 2:30.

I also do a lot of workout videos. I really like Jillian Michaels 30 Minute Shred, P90 and T25(my favorite one) You don't need any equipement, just yourself and a computer or DVD player. After you get the hang of it, I used to put my laptop next to the tv, so I could see the prompts but was really watching TV.

We also eventually joined a new gym and that motivates me right there, I don't want to waste money in paying for a gym that we're not going to use. So that helps, but right now my schedule work out schedule is on Monday and Wednesdays, and I take R.I.P.P.E.D to the Core class. Before we took my youngest to the gym, I would wait for my husband to get home, so he could watch her and I would take our oldest. It takes team work to make time to workout. At least it does in my house, we switch off, let each other do what they need to do. 

I have been known to wake up SUPER early to go for a sunrise hike before the kids even get up...with a view like that, TOTALLY worth it!

My advice to those wanting to workout? Just get up and do it! Whether it be for a small walk, a short run, a 20 minute workout video, or going to the gym and dropping the kids off at day care. Take care of you, you are worth it and if you're not happy your family isn't happy. And the best part? Your kids are continuously learning from you, learning by example and watching everything you do. This creates good healthy habits for them. So go get out there, do your best and feel good about you!