Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This is the first in my Friday Favorites series, I thought it would be fun to tell you my favorite something every week. Favorite moment from the week, favorite item, favorite blog post, favorite something I saw… you get the idea! But since we’re all still getting to know each other I figured I’d start by telling you about some of my favorite things… ones not mentioned on my first post: Simply Me.

So… without further ado here are 6 of my favorite things:

-Favorite time of day: the morning. I love the smiles I get when I go to pick Lil up out of her crib and I love the nuzzles. I’ve also come to find that there is nothing prettier than the morning, the birds, the sun, the feeling in the air… it’s wonderful.

-Favorite quote: “I’m grateful for the disappointments, the wrong turns, the let downs… I’ve learned from each one. The best lessons may not always be the easiest.” My yoga teacher said this in a class once and it has stuck with me ever since.

-Favorite holiday: the Fourth of July! Friends, food, summer, fireworks… it’s all fantastic! Not to mention there is so much less family stress when it comes to the 4th.

-Favorite trashy TV show: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…. and I’m proud of it! Yes I know this is terrible television but I’m completely addicted! That type of life just fascinates me!!!

-Favorite team: the Denver Broncos! I’m a Colorado native so of course I bleed orange and blue! You better believe I’ll be watching the game this weekend too! Woohoo!!!!!

-Favorite movie: Under The Tuscan Sun. Best. Movie. Ever! If you haven’t watched it I demand that you cuddle up this weekend and do just that. It is fabulous in every way.

What are all of your favorite things?! Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend.


Love, Annie