Friday Favorites My Yoga

Happy Friday!!! As you probably know by now, we are moving next week and so this week has been a lot of packing, organizing and yoga. Yes yoga, I’ve been trying to fit in as many classes as possible because the thing I’m going to miss most when we leave is my yoga studio. I’ve made friends with so many of the teachers there that I feel like I’m leaving part of my family… my tribe. But even if it is hard to leave them I am forever in their debt for the things that they have taught me and for the love that they have shown me. So this Friday Favorites goes out to my yoga studio and all of my amazing teachers, mentors and friends. Because one of my favorite parts of my life here has been my yoga. To each of you: you have taught me so much and guided me to a better me. You have been there for me even when you didn’t know it. Your classes have lifted me up, made my cry, taught me to love myself and my yoga. I have pushed myself and taken care of myself, all through your guidance.

Through my pregnancy you helped me learn about my changing body, you never pushed me. You only ever cheered for me. Through hard times in my personal life, even if you did not know it, you let me feel emotions I wasn’t able to feel off of my mat. Your classes taught me to be in my body, they have taught me to know myself from the inside out and not from the outside in. Through all of you I know what a yoga community can be, how supportive and loving it is. Each and every one of you is beautiful and inspiring. Your practices are uplifting and I’ve loved nothing more than being able to practice alongside you.

There are no words that can describe how much I love all of you, nor how much I am going to miss you all. This studio has been my second home and I will never be able to replace it. You will always be a part of my practice and my soul. To all of you: thank you. From the bottom of my heart.