Get Your Curl On Mama

I noticed something the other day, and although it was pretty funny, it was also a bit saddening. I was wearing my hair down and my Lil was sitting in my lap, looking at me. She had this confused look on her face and cocked her head to the side, reached her chubby little hand out and pulled on my hair. She was holding my hair and in her baby way asked “what dis”... yes my daughter was so confused by me having my hair down that she didn’t even know what my hair was. What a sad realization for me, that I do my hair so little anymore my girl thinks my hair belongs in a top knot on my head. Every day it goes straight up into a messy bun and it stays there.

I just don’t have the energy to “do” my hair. Blow drying it is out of the question because it’s just too dang hot... and I’m lazy. Even though I LOVE curling my hair, that’s also out of the question because, well all of the above. When I do style my hair hair though, I love it and I feel good! But the laziness and unwillingness just seem to win over.

Recently though I was introduced to a pretty fantastic new product. One where I can have my hair done, I’m talking curly too, and I don’t have to turn on a blow dryer, straightener or curler to get the look. All I have to do is sleep… heaven right? Especially for us mama’s who so desperately want as much sleep as we can get and who don’t have the time in the morning to style ourselves for hours. Well let me introduce you to Savvy Curls, the most phenomenal heatless hair curl tool I’ve ever used or heard of.


This soft little wrap goes on your head, you wrap your hair around it. When your hair dries you have gorgeous curls! It honestly is that easy, I’m really not kidding. I have the convertible wrap, which is meant for all hair types and lengths. With my layers this worked perfectly for me, it also helped me out with my massive amounts of hair (thick hair problems). To get these great curls all you have to do is wash your hair, let it dry a bit, and when it is still a bit damp but not soaking you add some styling mousse and comb it through. You then take sections of your hair and just wrap it around the band, once you get to the back of your head you pin the hair in place. The Savvy Curls website has these wonderful tutorial videos for you here. Once you're all pinned and wrapped, you just go to sleep or go about your morning. When your hair is dry, pull out the pins, take off the band and you’re ready to go! Here is a tip from the Savvy Curls team:                     


“A lot of people get their best curls on the 2nd or 3rd day. If you are comfortable you could try wrapping it a few days in a row without washing. On the first day apply mousse and the following days get your hair slightly damp (90% dry) and then wrap.“


I know I sound like an infomercial right now, but I really was in awe of how easy it was and how good my hair looked. I was fully prepared for this not to work on my hair because it has a mind of its own. I was also prepared for it to be like the plastic curlers I used in the 90’s, the ones where my hair ended up looking like Shirley Temple.

But no, I had great looking curls for my friend’s bridal shower. I woke up, put on makeup and a dress, then walked out the door.


I really loved this product and it is honestly my new favorite beauty tool, which is why I’m going to share a discount code with you. So for all you mamas with no time, or for all you lazies out there like me who want to buy your own, head over to their website, and at checkout enter code savvyc1 (all lowercase) to get $2 off your order. And do me a favor? If you buy one and love it, come back and let me know!

AnnieSavvy Curls