Making Motherhood Simpler - Hello Fresh

Food... boy do I love it. But I really don’t relish the whole grocery shopping thing, or planning meals when it comes to that. I always (no matter how hard I try) forget something that a recipe requires and by the time I realize it I’m already in the midst of making dinner. You could say cooking is a love-hate relationship for me. So when I tried Hello Fresh, I was over the moon! I got to try some delicious new recipes, I didn’t have to plan meals for the week, and I only had to grocery shopping for the basics (bread, milk, eggs) because Hello Fresh delivers to your door each week.


All I had to do was choose three meals from the list, they give you great options, including meat, fish, vegetarian, and red meat. You can also choose the type of plan you want, the “classic plan,” the “veggie plan,” and the “family plan.” Each is tailored to the number of people in your family and your eating preferences. For us we chose the “classic plan” which is for two to four adults. Seeing as Lil eats at 5:30 and will pretty much only eat hot dogs right now, this was perfect for us.


For our meals we chose “Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas,” “Baked Fusilli Pasta,” and “Sesame Shrimp.” Each meal is $9.90 per person and you receive all the ingredients, instructions, and everything else you need is packed in convenient boxes for each meal.


We chose to start with the “Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas” and they were delicious! With prepping the veggies and chicken the whole thing took me about 30 minutes to make, and had very little clean up since I used only one pan, one cutting board, and one baking sheet. The recipe was very easy to make and very flavorful, with green peppers, red onions, homemade pico de gallo, and sour cream. I’m also a big fan of pretty meals and this surely was one of them! We enjoyed it so much that we inhaled them and didn’t speak a word while we were eating!

I'm not very good at flipping quesadillas apparently!

I'm not very good at flipping quesadillas apparently!

Next we did the “Baked Fusilli Pasta” this was also delicious and easy to make. In all honesty my phone died in the midst of cooking so I didn’t get too many photos. This recipe again took about 30-40 minutes for me to make, with one pan, one baking dish and a few bowls. Even though it required more dishes than the first meal it was well worth it. With onions, ground beef, garlic, crushed tomatoes, pasta, basil, and kale this was very filling.Sometimes baked pastas seem very bland to me but this was definitely the exception! It also didn’t feel as heavy as some pasta recipes can. We even had some left overs from this recipe for me to have for lunch the following day!

Last but not least was the sesame shrimp. I don’t often cook with shrimp so it was a nice mix in our weekly meals. I also don’t cook a lot of asian cuisine, so I had no clue what to expect in regards to the prep, but this one turned out to be the easiest to cook. It was a subtle meal packed with a ton of flavor. I was a bit hesitant before I ate it though, thinking “how can this taste good, the rice is plain and I barely did anything to the shrimp or the green beans?” But I was wrong. The rice had “aromatics” in it, ginger and the whites of some green onions, which gave it a great taste. All in all I think this was my favorite of the meals, and definitely one I would make again!

If you’re looking to make each week in your kitchen exciting with less planning give Hello Fresh a try! I’m thinking of doing another post showing you all my mad kitchen skills but as a busy mom it goes without saying that making dinnertime easier is a huge win!