Hello May! Goodbye April

Well that went fast. I turned my head for a second and the whole month of April is gone! Anyone else feel this way? I’m ready for May though because that means warmer weather, flower planting, my first Mother’s Day, and my girls trip to Las Vegas! But before we jump into all that, I thought I would hold myself accountable and recap my April Goals and tell you how I did! Great, good, ok, and abysmal fail… that’s a good summary for how it all went.

I swear I really did try and was on a roll! But then I got sick for a week and it all went to hell-in-a-handbasket after that. But here is the recap of how I sort-of-semi-almost did great:

Finishing House Projects:

    This is probably what I did best on, but also failed at… somehow I made this occur. As far as hanging the chandeliers go I got both of those done and early I might add! Woot. I finished painting Lilly’s art, this goal was late but that was due to sickness, I swear! I got the trim painted in our family room. But as I’m typing this I realized I forgot about half of it, because it’s hidden behind shutters… crap. I also haven’t touched the living room window or the office. I have yet to organize the basement, I just can’t seem to bring myself to want to hang out in the dingy unfinished basement for a day.

Finding a Routine:

    This is where the abysmal fail part comes in. Do I wake up before Lil? Nope.. sure don’t! In fact I’ve maybe gotten worse, because Lil is now sleeping till 6:30 so it’s totally possible for me to set an alarm and get up but I just can’t do it! I have been eating healthier and getting to the gym but I have not made a set routine for when I go. One week will be great and I go almost every day, then the next I don’t even go once. Maybe one day…


    Another fail but not quite as abysmal as the rest. I have been a bit better about drinking my water, however there is still a lot of room for improvement. Putting things away, this is still meh… I mean I can’t actually be expected to clean EVERYTHING up can I?! I’ve been using my oils more! Including making my own beauty items, so there’s one! Waking up early… perhaps next month.

Blogging Rhythm:

    I’m gonna go ahead and say this was a success. Did I do all the things I said I would each week, not really no. But I’ve gotten to the point that I’m feeling at ease with the process. No more stressing about getting a post out there and no more chaos. I’ve been good about writing, connecting with people for collaborations (I’ve got some fun stuff coming your way), and overall organization of my thoughts, to-do’s etc.

Eventhough I didn’t get all of my goals done to their fullest. I did find a few things to be incredibly helpful. Writing them all down, instead of thinking of them and then forgetting them, writing them down kept them fresh in my mind and gave me a better idea of how to accomplish them. Having a planner was another way that I kept organized, especially when it came to blogging. Not only did I have the list of what I wanted to do, I had a calendar that I could look at to tell me what I needed to get done each day.

So there ya have a it folks. I kinda rocked it, but not so much. At least I tried right? That is half the battle. This was a big help to me though, it got me on track and it helped me get my butt into gear. If I hadn’t written these goals for April I highly doubt that any of the trim painting would be done or that the chandeliers would be hung. I doubt that I would have been better about routines, working out, drinking water… they probably would have never crossed my mind actually. So here’s to you all, holding me accountable. Even if you didn’t realize you were doing it!