Home Tour Tuesday - Favorite Corners

Happy Tuesday! I had so much fun showing you all our nursery that I thought I would join Lindsay’s Home Tour Tuesday fun again this week. But this time I thought I’d do my favorite corners of the house. As weird as that sounds, there are certain spots in the house that I love, but aren’t necessarily a whole room, so therefore not worth a whole post! I also quite honestly have a busy week, what with someone turning one and a party this weekend! So this was perfect for me.


Let’s start with the landing of our stairs (see, weird). I love this little spot, there’s just something about it that feels comforting to me. Maybe it’s the Harry Potter books all safely protected in the cabinet, or the adorable silhouette from Dapper and Darling. Either way I just love our landing.


Next we have the living room, yes it’s a whole room, but I can’t spend a whole post talking about it, it’s not that interesting. But I was so excited to get a living room that I spent lots of time picking out the furniture and I love the way it turned out. I got all the furniture off of Overstock and a lot of the decor I already had. The mirror is from Kirklands and the blanket ladder was another make from my friend Emily (who also painted the nursery art).

Now let’s move into the family room, my favorite spot in this room is the bookshelf. We bought this for our first house in Fort Collins and I have loved it from day one. It’s wrought iron and wood and a giant beast of a thing, but I love it’s look and I love the way the decorating of it came out. Give me books and pictures in one place and I’m a happy girl

Hopefully you enjoyed my favorite little corners of the house. I know it wasn’t earth shattering or anything to write home about. Don’t worry, I’ll save all that for a later time.


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