Home Tour Tuesday - Nursery

Once upon a time I promised you I would share some photos of my new home. So today I’m starting a Home Tour Tuesday tradition (I got the idea from Lindsay’s Sweet World) and I’ll take you through my favorite parts of the house along this journey. Today though is all about the nursery. I am finally confident enough to say that it is completely done. It only took 4 months but I finally put the finishing touches on it and am excited to share it with you! So here is the story behind it...

Before I even knew I was having a girl, or even a baby for that matter, I knew one thing about the nursery. I wanted it to be different, to be custom, and to have a magical feeling to it. I had the idea of doing a mural on the wall, but one that was painted silhouettes. So no bright colors, not too detailed. Subtle yet magical. But I didn’t want it too cluttered either, so I landed on having characters and images spread across the room, all in different places on different walls, all the same color. Yet how to go about doing the painting… that was something I needed help with. Having your old college roommate and best friend be an artist is surely a plus so I convinced her to help me and without her I would not have been able to create this, so a huge thank you to Emily!

This whole adventure started in our old house, Lilly’s first nursery. I did the same thing there and loved the way it turned out. It was quite difficult to leave it actually. It was the only thing about that house that I cried a little over. I was like Diane Keaton in Father Of The Bride II, taking two rolls of photos of every little detail… ok more like 100 digital images but still. The one difference was that we painted the tree from The Lion King in the first house, which we scrapped in the new house. It was a painstaking process, and as much as I loved it I couldn’t stomach doing it again.

Anyways, when we moved into the new house I already knew I wanted the same thing, just not that darn tree. I had also chosen the art for the first nursery before I knew we were having a girl. So this time I chose some different scenes (some more girly stuff) and a different base color for the walls.

One of my all-time favorite stories and Disney movies is Peter Pan. I love the story line and the characters so that was a must. I wanted Big Ben and the kids flying through the sky behind Peter, with Tink in the lead. After scouring countless images we mixed and matched some ideas to come up with our final product. We placed this one over the crib, I thought it was so fitting and dream like.


Peter Pan was my only MUST HAVE so the rest of our choices came from our favorite stories and movies. We wanted some girly and some not so girly. We ended up with Cinderella’s carriage, Harry Potter’s owl Hedwig, and his Nimbus 2,000. Oh and we have a Millenium Falcon in the room, guess who demanded that one.

As far as the decorations and furniture goes, I wanted white furniture with coral and gold accent colors. A lot of her decorations are from stores on Etsy, that place is a gold mine for great stuff! Her crib bedding is from Caden Lane (sheet) and Serena and Lily (bumper), I love the way they look together!

Thank you for taking a peek, and I hope you like it as much as I do. Next week I'll be showing you some of my favorite little corners throughout the house.

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