A Kid Friendly Valentine's Day DIY

Happy Friday everyone! I’m here today with a fun Valentine’s Day DIY for you and this one is all about the kiddos! I love doing arts and crafts with Lilly (and by myself) so now that she is old enough to participate and be hands-on I was very excited to think up a kiddo related craft. Although, in full disclosure, I did not end up doing this with my girl because she was napping. Since she was napping I used hot glue for speed. So please, if you do this with your kiddos, you can use a different glue that will work better for little kiddo hands. Or you can use pins in place of the glue.

I was wandering through Michael’s to get things and I saw these soft, rubber-like hearts that were covered in glitter and brightly colored in pinks and reds. I fell in love with them because they were so fun and definitely kid friendly. But what to do with them!? As I searched I found these foam cones and thought I could make a heart tree! And I am so happy with how they turned out. They were also incredibly easy to make.

What you’ll need:

-Two foam cones (two different sizes)

-Three bags of foam glitter hearts

-Hot glue (or whatever glue you need)


How To Make:

I started by laying out all of the hearts and grouping them by their sizes. I also took off the backs of these particular hearts which have a sticky side to them.

You’ll start at the bottom of the cone, placing a dollop of glue on the back of the heart.

You’ll then place the heart upside down at the base of the cone (so the top of the heart is actually at the bottom of the cone, with the pointy end facing towards the top.)

Then alternate the colors as you progress around the cone spiraling your way up as you go.


Once you make it to the top you’ll want to cluster the ends of the hearts together to make a point!


I hope you all enjoy this fun craft! If you decide to make this, come back and tell me how it went!

AnnieValentines, DIy