Lo & Behold Naturals Product Review

On my way through learning about essential oils, natural products have become important to me. At least when it comes to my skin and body. Let’s be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to part with clorox wipes. There’s just something about them… anywho, I used to think that all-natural products for skin care weren’t, “as good”, or didn’t get the job done in the way the store-bought-mass-generated stuff did, but I have never been so wrong!

Through my lovely Instagram journey I came across a company called Lo & Behold Naturals. When I clicked on the pretty picture I was pleased to find that this was a small business out of North Carolina that makes natural body scrubs, lotions, oils and lip balms. I’m all about small businesses and natural products with great smells, so I was instantly hooked!

Image from Lo & Behold Naturals

Image from Lo & Behold Naturals

I’ve been using four of their products for about a month now and I’m truly loving them. I’m pretty picky about scents, moisturization, and longevity of products. I want something that smells good, works for my skin and that I will get a lot of use out of. These products are all high-quality and although they have amazing scents, they are not the overpowering kind. They are subtle, but enough to notice and enjoy throughout the day.

Pictured below is the Lavender Fields Body Oil, Rose and Ginger Hand Salve, Lime and Litsea Lip Balm, and Jasmine and Hibiscus Body Butter. All of which I have been using.

I honestly love every single one of these items, the hand salve and lip balm are constantly in my purse or diaper bag. The body oil gets used almost every day after the shower and the body butter… I have to tell myself not to use too much just so that I can make it last longer. I know that these products will always be on hand in my bathroom and purse, you should scoop some up for yourself!

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This was a sponsored post. All opinions are entirely my own.


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