I Don't Want A Thank You - Mother's Day Letter

To My Dearest Daughter,


Where do I even begin? I’m about to celebrate my first Mother’s Day as your mommy and I cannot begin to say how much I love you. From the moment I saw those two little lines on a stick I knew I would love you, care for you, and walk through fire for you. All those still hold true but to an extent I never thought possible. Nine months, a few days, and so many hours ago I welcomed you into this world. I spent sleepless nights with you at the beginning, I’ve rocked you, bathed you, cried when you’ve cried, I’ve laughed with you, read to you, and watched you grow. I’ve lost sleep, I’ve worried beyond belief, I’ve gotten poop on my hands, and I’ve worn more yoga pants than jeans.

But I don’t want a thank you or a good job this Mother’s Day. I want to say thank you to you. Thank you to my sweet girl, my best friend. You’ve given me something in life that I didn’t know was possible. You’ve taught me that I am strong, that I am capable. You’ve taught me about the beauty in life and you’ve loved me from day one, despite my mistakes and self-doubt. You’ve made every day something to remember. You’ve let me learn, chart new waters, and be completely clueless at times. You’ve made me want to be the best version of myself.

You’ve shown me that the little things in life matter the most. The smiles, your giggle, the way your eyes light up when you’ve figured something out, you falling asleep in my arms, your smile when you see me in the morning. You’ve taught me that even on the most difficult days, there is always something beautiful to see.

Yes, being a mom can be hard. But for me, with you, it’s easy. You’re what I’m meant to be doing right now. I don’t want a thank you for being your mom, because it’s one of the greatest parts of my life. I don’t want praise for raising you, I chose this, I chose to bring you into this world. I want to celebrate us. You and me. We spend our days together, we know each other better than anyone. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to this world and I want the world to know that I LOVE being your mom. I love every day with you. I love you, endlessly and with every fiber of my being.

Thank you for letting me be your mom.