Mother's Day Weekend Recap

How were your weekends? How was your Mother’s Day? I had quite the mix of a weekend, but overall it was good. The husband left for a bachelor party on Thursday morning, bright and early so I was flying solo with my baby. We started out strong! We went to my nieces Mother’s Day event at her school and got lunch with her and her brothers. Friday we went to a nursery and got a bunch of flowers to plant, came home, planted, and spent time with my mom.

Then things got a bit blurry, due to all the fussing, crying, and downright unhappiness that set in. We didn’t sleep well, meaning we were up a lot throughout the night and just generally uncomfortable. I think it is/was a combination or teething and a cold. Which is extra stressful for me when I’m on my own. But in spite of it being stressful, I got some great cuddles in.

Saturday we had our first parent tot swim lessons, which was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! She was such a doll and LOVED the water! After swim lessons it was raining so we came home and proceeded to become even fussier, then that night was maybe the most trying night she’s ever had. Long story short, we got about 3 hours of sleep and she slept on me in my bed most of the night.

Sunday was of course Mother’s Day. The husband was still out of town so I made my mom a brunch, which was wonderful. We had quiche, cinnamon rolls, bacon, and fruit salad. I was able to set the table the night before while munchkin was playing.


My mom brought me lilies and a sweet card, and we went for a walk after eating. It was a wonderful first Mother’s Day, made even better by my husband flying home early and bringing me chocolate frogs and Berti Bots Every Flavor Beans from Harry Potter Land! Did I mention he sent me surprises all week? I got something every day he was gone, starting with a card the morning he left. 

Friday I got Flowers!


Saturday I got a facial after swim lessons (there is a spa in our gym, which conveniently has a daycare!)

Sunday I got cupcakes delivered!

On top of the sweet treats I was given the best Mother's Day gift I could have asked for. A birthstone ring for my sweet girl. My mom had a birthstone ring when i was growing up. It was gold with three stones in it. One ruby, one emerald, and one diamond. One stone for each of her babies. So having my own isn't only a tribute to being a mommy, it's also a fond memory for me. Mine is a bit different, as I intent so make it a stackable ring as our family grows. I also want to get a band for my husband too.

So even though this weekend started out a bit rough, and I was incredibly tired. It was a good one. I got spoiled rotten, and an endless amount of snuggles with my sweet one.