Here's To National Dog Day

I spend a lot of time on here talking about Lilly and my life, the traveling we do, our home, products I’ve found and so on. But I rarely mention two of the most important members of our “pack” as we like to call it. Our Samoyeds. Igloo and Winter. So to celebrate National Dog Day I am dedicating a whole post to them because without them this life would not be the same. They keep us on our toes, and they certainly fill our home with so much more love and joy… and adventure and mischief. So much so that I’m not even sure where to begin, so I guess the beginning is the best place.  

Let me take you back to 2006, when a young high school senior took a trip to The Denver Dumb Friends League. Was I going there for a dog? No, I think I went with my highschool boyfriend just to see the puppies. As I wandered the aisles and saw all these sweet faces I of course got dog fever, but then I came to one special cage. I was in the area where they keep the sick dogs with kennel cough and there was this all white (rather skinny) sweet-faced boy. I asked if I could visit him and when they let me in to see him it was love at first tail wag. I sat down on the bench in his room and he came up wagging his tail, licking me, and as I sat there he ran to the other side of the room and brought back his favorite toy. One by one he brought me each of his toys as if to say “Hey! Want to play, I come with my own stuff!” I was hooked. I adopted him that day and brought him home, much to my Dad’s chagrin.

I should mention that when I adopted Igloo I had been told that he was abused and that he had been abandoned at the shelter. He was left in a box, and was missing a foot. He was underfed, and in desperate need of love and a good home. When I brought him home I discovered he was terrified of brooms, loud noises, and had clearly been traumatized by something or someone. He was afraid of men and my brother and I tried relentlessly to make him more comfortable. As time went on he slowly started to come out of his shell and became more comfortable with his new home and new family.

This is when we started to see who Igloo really was, how mischievous he is, and how his sweet face could be deceiving. Our first experience with this was the day I came home to find that he had destroyed all of my Dad’s blueprints for a job site. I’m talking shreds of paper all over the house, as well as some whole plans completely missing. Dad was not pleased. From then on Igloo has shown me one of two things: that he either has a stomach made of iron or a relentless urge to live life to the fullest. What do I mean by this?In Igloo’s 13 years with me he has eaten: countless shoes, acrylic paint, nail polish, staples, pens, printer ink, razors, dirty diapers, books, remote controls, and many other inedible things. When he came to me he was very quiet, and he is now the loudest soul in our house who barks and grunts at everything. Timid and shy became boisterous and pushy.


When I met my husband we were in college and when I moved in with him, Igloo only became more of himself. With more personality coming out by the minute. So in our minds the only logical next step was to get him a buddy. So we started the process of looking for a puppy to join our pack, thinking it would take months to happen. When my husband told me there was one available we weren’t quite sure yet if we were ready to bring her home, so we decided just to go see her and then think on it for a bit. So that evening we went for a visit and had zero intention of bringing a puppy home. But upon meeting what is now our sweet girl, we fell in love. She was tiny, fit in one hand, and had sweet tear stains on her big beautiful eyes. As we were meeting her she crawled into my lap and put a paw on my chest and I knew we had to bring her home. So without being ready for it we brought home our girl Winter.

The sweet Winter, tear stains and all.

The sweet Winter, tear stains and all.

When we brought her back to the apartment to meet Igloo she immediately imprinted on him, and she claimed him as her own. Following him around, stepping in his water bowl when he was drinking, chewing on his collar, sleeping next to him, and never leaving his side. Over the years Winter has shown us two very different personalities. In her younger years she was very much a diva, only liking my husband, hiding from people when they came over (simply because she didn’t want to see them). But after having Lilly, and as she gets older she is turning into a sweet, loving, and frankly cuddly dog who is so much more reserved than Igloo. We often joke that whenever Igloo passes away we will probably forget to feed Winter because she is so quiet and keeps to herself.


Occasionally they drive me crazy and I’m constantly sweeping up fur. We have to “proof” our house when we leave to make sure there’s nothing Igloo will get to while we’re gone. But without our Sammies our lives would not be the same, our house would be too quiet, probably a little bit cleaner, and surely less full of love and stories. Lilly wouldn’t have her two best friends, and our family wouldn’t be complete.

Happy National Dog day to our two furry babies!

Not so patiently waiting for mom to give them their new Wellness CORE 100% freeze dried treats

Not so patiently waiting for mom to give them their new Wellness CORE 100% freeze dried treats

Proof that I wasn't exagerating the mischeif

Proof that I wasn't exagerating the mischeif



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