Summer Detox - Taking Care of Your Skin The Natural Way

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope your day is off to a wonderful start and that you have some exciting plans. Today on the blog I have Zara, a mom of three who loves to write, design, travel hike, and do yoga. Zara is a regular writer for High Style Life and she is here today to talk to us about something she loves, beauty and healthy beauty at that. You all know I am working towards a more natural beauty line and life so her tips today really are wonderful for me and I am so excited to be sharing them with you also! So enjoy and let Zara know what you think!

Summer Detox - Taking Care of Your Skin The Natural Way

Summertime makes us feel great because of the warm weather, sunny and bright days, and long summer nights. However, during summer you may need to put an additional effort when it comes to skin care. Most of us get seduced by advertisers, so we purchase products that potentially contain harmful chemicals. Summer is a great time for detoxifying your beauty routines in order to help your skin revitalize and provide it with nutrients that it truly needs. Rely on more natural products, adapt your beauty habits and you'll notice changes in how your skin looks and feels in just a few weeks! Follow these simple five steps for a healthy glowing skin.

1. Exfoliate for the natural glow

In order to get that radiant look, you have to commit to weekly scrubs. Regular exfoliation ensures removal of the dead cell skins, which leaves you with a dewy looking skin. Use products that have natural ingredients and fewer microbeads since their effects on health are debatable. You can easily use home remedies for making completely natural DIY exfoliators. Try mixing baking soda, lemon juice and natural oil of your choice (coconut oil smells yummy!), or experiment with different recipes. Don't overdo with scrubbing, though: it can deprive your skin of its natural oils and cause excessive dryness, irritation, and tightness. In addition to improper skin care, your skin usually looks dull because of unhealthy habits, insufficient water intake or the lack of quality sleep. 

2. Cleanse and moisturize on a daily basis

Blackheads and whiteheads are caused by sloppy makeup removals or by neglecting daily facial cleansing. As for moisturizing, turn to products with organic ingredients. When purchasing a product, take your skin type into consideration. Hydration is everything, but make sure you provide your skin with water both from the inside and the outside. Drinking enough water is crucial (especially during summer): you can increase your intake by consuming water-rich fruits and vegetables, and by drinking green tea, which is proven to detoxify and help with skin's complexion. For best results, try a detox program in order to rejuvenate your organism: it will have huge effects on your appearance, too.

3. Sun protection

Skin protection is extremely important. Sun damage is a real thing, so don't skimp on your sun cream! Use non-toxic natural products that have high enough SPF rating and combine them with other organic ingredients to get a beautiful and evened out tan. Coconut oil and cocoa butter will leave your skin beautifully scented, hydrated and smooth.  

4. Light and natural makeup

Steamy summer days don't mean you have to give up your makeup completely. Just turn to light natural products and make sure they provide you with sufficient SPF. With proper care, your tanned skin can look its best during the summer, so you'll need just a dash of makeup to really underline your natural beauty. BB creams and tinted moisturizers are an ideal solution for summer! To detoxify your makeup habits, try Clarins makeup natural products: their BB cream (with kiwifruit and katafray as main ingredients) will protect your skin from the sun and environmental influences, but also help you cover up imperfections and provide much-needed hydration. For other great natural BB creams, check out the products like Derma E, Andalou Naturals or DeVita skin care

5. Get enough sleep

During the night, your body is working hard to recover. Stick to the healthy and natural beauty night routines in order to help your cells regenerate.

Follow these steps to detoxify your beauty habits and your skin will look healthier than ever!

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