New Years Resolutions

I was drinking my coffee this morning and browsing blog posts when I realized that it’s almost 2016, as in today is the last day of 2015! I personally do not know where the last year went. This time last year I was announcing to the world that Hubs and I were having a baby, and now I have a five month old! I was always told, “don’t blink because they’ll grow up too fast”. Well that is completely 100,000% true! Not that Lil is taking my car keys and stealing a $20 from my wallet, but still. This got me thinking about the inevitable “New Year's Resolutions”... Which I FAIL to complete on a yearly basis, I mean seriously fail. Mine always revolve around, wait for it… exercise! I know you’re shocked.. I can tell. What is so hard about keeping up with exercise routines? I swear that if I make exercising a resolution my brain simply turns the drive to do it off. I can go to the gym/yoga if it’s the end of the year and I’ve forgotten that I made said decision to get fit, but nope, not if I am actively thinking about it!

Over my cup of coffee I said “Annie, what do I want my resolutions to be?” Hmmm… I want them to improve my  life, and I want them to mean something to me. If I make resolutions that mean something to me, something that I think about and know I need to do improve on. Then maybe I’ll keep up with them… maybe. So what matters to me? My family, my home, my happiness, my health. I could list many more things but those are the top items. With that in mind I landed on two resolutions, two big picture resolutions that I WANT for 2016!!

Drum roll please...

  1. I am going to be focusing on the moments more and putting down the technology. I know that sounds silly and zen like, but I’m channelling my inner yogi here. Since Lil came into my life I’ve noticed that the little moments which were mundane before are now so much more important to me. I’ve gotten so used to being on my phone, or iPad and checking social media, with no one to own up to, that it’s become a habit that is really hard to break! Every time I’m checking Facebook just to be shown that so-and-so liked this picture, I’m missing a smile or a giggle or a moment to talk to my baby. I know that everything I do she is watching and learning from. She sees that my attention is on this little rectangular box and that it takes me away from her, even if just for moments at a time. I don’t want her to grow up and think that my attention is divided or that she has to fight with technology to be interacted with. I wasn’t raised that way and I certainly don’t want her to be, not that my upbringing was sunshine and disys. But I want to raise a child who knows how to balance technology and real life. Someone with an imagination. I want her to learn to have a conversation with someone. I want her to know what a phone call is, and that you can go outside to play instead of staring at a screen for entertainment. So it’s time for me to put down the technology more often and focus more of my attention on my sweet girl!!! Woot! I can do this!! But just one more FB check...

2.) Next I’m going to declutter and purge my material life and get ORGANIZED. Have I mentioned that we are moving this year? Yeah, we’re making a move to a town about 1.5 hours from where we live now. We both grew up there, but we haven’t lived there since before college so for routines and lifestyle we might as well be moving to a new state. So in the midst of this move, I really do not want extra crap that old Uncle Al gave us for Christmas two years ago. I’m one of those people that will hold on to something because “one day we might need it”. Inevitably that one day comes though and I can’t find said item... good job Annie. So I’m really going to get rid of the crap, the old clothes that I know I’ll never wear (unless I think I’ll need it for something next week....wait, that’s what I’m avoiding), the gifts we’ve gotten that we feel guilty tossing but in all reality know we’ll never use; old books, coats... it’s all going to be donated. After I purge and get rid of it all I’m going to organize my life. I’m going to find some inspiring Pinterest posts to help (like this one). I just need some containers and some motivation and it WILL get done!

So there we are, Annie’s New Year’s Resolutions. Hopefully they stick this year. What are all of your resolutions?