Book Shelf Update - NuWallpaper

I have a fun before-and-after or you today, and I’m excited about this one because I finally did it, I re-did or should I say revamped the office! It had been on my to-do list since we moved in here and it feels so good to get it done, it has been driving me insane. The reason why? This room looked old. There’s no other way to put it. The room is our office because it is a loft overlooking the living room and front of the house, it is supposed to be a bedroom but our house happens to be the model home for when the neighborhood was being built so they used it to show how the upstairs could be. Personally I think it should be a bedroom, but for now it is the office. It has french doors, which I love, and one window (with old blinds on it), and a HUGE bookshelf… I love the idea of the bookshelf but it is, well… orange. The bookshelf is that same weirdly orange wood that I mentioned before, it surrounded half the windows in the house and just this one book shelf. It almost seems like they got bored while repainting the trim and skipped this room and a few other windows.


But I digress. So my main goal for this project was to spruce up the feeling of the room and of course to paint the bookshelf. It takes up an entire wall so of course it is the main focus of the room. Until now we have kinda just thrown things into the office without having a real plan or purpose for it. We have books, telescopes, photography tools, beer brewing kit pieces (yes a beer brewing kit)... yeah it’s a mess. Here is what it looks like on a normal day.


To start I took a paint brush and got all the nooks and cranny’s, the corners, the molding, anything I wouldn’t be able to get with a roller. Since this is stained and glossy I used a paint and primer mix, which I had used on the window sills in the rest of the house. It holds up really well and covers the wood perfectly.

After that I used the paintbrush to spread a layer of paint on the big areas. I wasn’t looking to have it even or perfect, I just wanted to get a base on there. After that was done I went ahead and used a foam roller, not the regular fluffy kind, and finished off all of the surfaces The foam roller helps the paint go on much smoother and cleaner than a regular roller does.

After 3 layers of paint I loved the way it looked, but felt like it needed something else, something to give it a little “umpf”, so I was really excited to use my NuPaper Wall Paper from WallPops. This stuff is amazing, it it a wallpaper that can be put on any smooth surface, and can be easily removed when you decide to remodel or if you don’t like the way it looks. All I had to do was measure the area I needed and cut, then you simply peel the back off and stick it on. It took me all of two minutes and I really love the way it turned out. It really adds to the whole look I think.

I then of course had to style the bookshelf, make a trip to Ikea and Target for some storage items and ta-da it’s all done! Doesn’t it look so much cleaner now? I think so!

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