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The World Needs More Than Hastags

The World Needs More Than Hastags

"Sunday morning we woke to awful news. News distinct from the typical awful; different from learning how many people voted for which underwhelming candidate, what celebrity is in hot water, or a looming threat from our household cleaners. We woke to the news that (yet another) mass-shooting killed or seriously injured over a hundred unsuspecting, undeserving human beings. Another episode in the list. Mentally unstable shooters, terrorist shooters. Hate crimes, custody disputes. Political motivations, suicidal tendencies. Another episode no matter how you categorize it.

I see Facebook and Instagram lighting up with β€œwe pray for Orlando” updates. And yes, of course we do. For the all the lives this will destroy. For all the pain and rebuilding ahead. But when do prayers, and clicks, and retweets do anything for those we direct them to? And - more importantly - what will those clicktivisms do for the next victims?"


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To The Father Of My Daughter

To The Father Of My Daughter

Five on Friday - Tonttu, Kidsolidate, and Random Thoughts

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