Small Shop Saturday - Pamela Metamorphosis

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m back at it again with another Small Shop Saturday and this one is another great local find here in Colorado! As you all know my skin care has gone through some ups and downs over my lifetime. When I was a teenager I had really bad breakouts, and those breakouts (although not as severe) have followed me into adulthood. Add on top of that the lovely bags and the yellowing skin around my eyes. Its pretty safe to say that my skin care is pretty important to me, so finding quality products and companies that work well for my skin is paramount!



So when I heard about Pamela Metamorphosis I was immediately intrigued. You all know I love a local company, so finding out they were based in Denver warmed my soul; don’t be alarmed… they ship throughout the U.S. The company was started by Pamela, a registered nurse and skin care professional for over 25 years. She created this line with the customer in mind, and she set out to make skin care simple products that are made to truly help your skin.



After doing my research and talking with them I was sent a package specifically designed with my skin needs in mind. I got the Sensitive Skin Cleanser with sea Kelp, the Green Tea Moisturizer, the Energizing Papaya Cleanser with Salicylic acid, and the Fresh Wipes.

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I’ve been using the products for a few months now and am really impressed with how gentle they are on my skin and how fresh my face feels after using them. In this age when it’s all about “no chemicals” in your products, I am totally willing to admit that this girl needs some Salicylic acid in her life now and then. But my favorite thing about the Papaya Face Wash is that there isn’t an overwhelming amount of Salicylic in it, it is just enough to help clear up my skin, but is doesn’t leave my skin needing it like some other cleansers do. During my time using these cleansers and the lotion, I’ve noticed that my skin is much more soft and moisturized and the breakouts have (dare I say it) been gone!

To say that I’m impressed and happy with the products is an understatement and since we are inundated with labels and brands and more options than we can count, it’s so great to find a product I want to stick with and recommend. I love being able to come to my readers and share great finds!

Something else that I’m really excited to mention is that Pamela Metamorphosis, although based in Denver, ships all over the United States! As I know a lot of my readers aren’t based here, I’m so excited that you have the opportunity to try the products yourself! And to make the deal even sweeter, I have a special coupon code to share with you! SIMPLYANNIE20 for 20% off, a complimentary sunscreen, and FREE SHIPPING! Talk about a great discount code and giveaway!

If you make a purchase or have used Pamela Metamorphosis before I would love to hear what you used and what you thought of the products!

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