Starting The New Year With Pressed Juice Daily

I love food, like a lot. I’ve never been a dieter, a small portions kind of girl, or a health conscious shopper. In my world pizza should be eaten once a week, pasta should be served in giant heaps, cake should always be easily accessible, and wine… always wine. But every once in awhile, my body just needs a break. It needs time to process all the coffee, wine, pasta, carbs, cheese, cookies and snacks. Especially after the holidays. For almost the whole month of January I’ve been feeling: tired, bloated, low energy, full, and overall blah. This is when I knew I needed to help boost my body and get back to feeling good again.

When I was contacted by Pressed Juice Daily (PJD) I was really excited to help kickstart my way towards feeling better with a 3-day juice cleanse. I had never done a cleanse before and I’m not going to lie, I was rather nervous to start one. Like I’ve pointed out, I really like to eat and the thought of only juices for three days was very intimidating! But I spent some time reading up about it and knew it was going to be great for me. Here are some of the benefits that are listed on the PJD website:


Increased Energy

The digestive system gets a rest, so that energy normally committed to breaking down solid foods is available to contribute to more restorative pursuits!


Clearer Skin

When the colon is inundated with the build-up from too much processed food the ill-effects are often presented in the health of our skin.  Flushing unwanted toxins from this oft-ignored organ can really make your skin glow!


Weight Loss

While this is not the main intention for cleansing, people do find that they naturally shed unwanted pounds. This is the result of your digestive system gathering and releasing unprocessed food inside your body.



Improved Immune Function

Our immune function is thought to work in correlation with our digestive system. Based on this relationship, by detoxing our digestive system, we should build a stronger immune system.


The daily menu for the juices is as follows: Greens, Roots, Citrus, Roots, Greens, Almond Milk, Aloe H20,  Chlorophyll H20. One of the great things about Pressed Juice Daily is that if one juice contains a certain item that doesn’t agree with your palette, you can switch it for another that better suits your tastes. Each juice is labeled so that you’re not confused and the website keeps track of the order you should drink them in here.

When I picked the juices up I was immediately impressed. Their location on Broadway in Denver is in a fabulous new building and the inside of their store is clean, uncluttered and very well kept. The lady who was packing my juices for me was a doll and so nice. She told me all about her experience with her cleanse and was wonderful to talk to.

At first the juices were not my favorite, the tastes were a bit too intense for me and I was especially thrown off by the ginger in a couple of them. But by day two the flavors had evened out and I wasn’t overwhelmed by any of them.

Here is where it’s important to tell you that I highly recommend that your significant other, or whoever you regularly eat with, join you on the cleanse for support. My husband did the cleanse with me and noticed many of the same and several different results, more on that later.

Day 1 was incredibly hard for me, I wanted breakfast as soon as I got up, and there was no coffee.The hardest part of the day was making food for Lilly, everything she ate looked so good, and I ended up cheating and having a bite of her scrambled eggs. Day 2 and 3 I was feeling less hunger pains, or at least I was thinking about them less. I also discovered that what I want is the ritual of eating, I want to actually chew the food instead of drinking calories.

One extra thought. You probably should not do a cleanse if you have a baby that isn’t sleeping through the night yet. You’re going to need that sleep to get the benefit of the cleanse and to rejuvenate. Plus your blood sugar is going to plummet and you might be pretty cranky from time-to-time during your cleanse, my patience with Lilly’s screams and cries definitely took a hit for a few days. That’s another reason I recommend doing the cleanse with your significant other, and be sure to talk about not being irritable with each other beforehand. That paid dividends for us!

My husband didn’t struggle at all on Day 1, but he was fighting a cold and said it helped him to drink more liquids. He wasn’t sure what was cleanse and what were cold symptoms. Pressed Juice Daily mentions that when you feel an illness coming on is a great time to cleanse. By Day 2 though he said he was starting to notice the food around him and his cravings more, but fought off any “hunger” feelings with additional water. Like me, his favorite drink was the almond milk reward you get at the end of each day.

Coming off of the cleanse I’ve noticed a few changes, my sense of smell is more intense, my skin cleared up and looks fresher, and when I eat I seem to be digesting better. In the past if I ate a big meal I would immediately notice bloating and feel yuckie. Post-cleanse my stomach isn’t bloated and I don’t eat as much as I was before.

Coming off the cleanse my husband lost about 6 pounds in three days, we weighed ourselves before and after. His theory is that most of that was the regular amount of food you are digesting at any given time no longer being in his system. He did note his lower stomach and waist were much slimmer but he had two really interesting outcomes. One: his tastebuds completely changed he said. He had a sip of a Ginger Ale and put it down because it now, “tasted way too sweet.” Next he is pretty sure he’ll never eat the same portion sizes again, and says that’s a good thing! After three days of observing how much we probably overeat we’re committed to re-examining our portions and, given that we just reset our stomachs, now is the perfect time.  

Overall I was very impressed with Pressed Juice Daily, and despite how hard the cleanse was for me to get through, I would do it again. I would, however, prepare for the cleanse by eating healthier leading up to it so that it wasn’t such a shock to my system. I also strongly recommend you drink a lot of water, be cautious of overly exerting yourself, and understand you're going to be a little crankier for a couple days as your blood sugar resets. If you’re in the Colorado area, go stop by and try some of their products. I loved working with Adam and his team and really recommend their products! I also strongly recommend you drink a lot of water, be cautious of overly exerting yourself, and understand you're going to be a little crankier for a couple days as your blood sugar resets.

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