Ratings By The Glass - 2017 Bookclub

I have been meaning to keep you all up-to-date on the book club my girlfriends and I started this year. But, I suck, and haven’t done it yet. Since we just finished our third book I decided I’d start doing a roundup of the books we’ve read every three months. Then I don’t have to make more things up about a book than I have to say, just to make a post “long enough” … you’re welcome.

I’ve decided that the most appropriate way to rate these books is by glasses of wine. We’ll make the highest rating a full glass, ¾ glass, ½ glass, ¼ glass, and just plain empty which is sad. And yes, I’m using wine to rate books… it makes complete and total sense in my mind.


The Couple Next Door


Overall I think the general consensus on the book was a 1/2 glass of wine. We all enjoyed it, it was a good read, quick, and entertaining. But it left us all wanting a bit more, as in we’re all hoping they come out with a sequel so we can have some answers! We found parts of the book to be lacking, we wanted more detail some places, and less others. Would we read it again? Probably not, and would we recommend it? Maybe… to someone without kiddos (seeing as it involves a baby being abducted). ½ a glass for The Couple Next Door


The Girl You Left Behind

This book was a 3/4 glass. We all put a little too much hope into this book. It is written by the same author who wrote Me Before You, which pretty much ripped out my heart and left me for broke (in all the best ways possible of course) so we were thinking this would be the same. Unfortunately it was a bit slow, and we all struggled to get through it, and the end is wrapped up in a pretty bow, which let’s face it, isn’t always what we want. So ¾  glass for you, The Girl You Left Behind.


In The Shadow Of Lakecrest

This gem was a ¾ glass for me, it kept me incredibly entertained from start to finish and kept me guessing whodunit. From page one the author roped me in and I found myself having a hard time putting it down at night. But I am a fan of mysteries, so if you’re not this may not be for you. I know that others in my group didn’t enjoy it as much, but they’re just wrong (insert winky face here). ¾ glass for you In The Shadow Of Lakecrest.

I’m pretty excited about our next book, so I’m hoping that gets a full glass, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

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