Saying Goodbye To Our First Home

Have you ever made a huge decision in the blink of an eye? Had an idea pop into your head and you just decided to go for it? Well that’s what happened for my husband and me a little over 3 months ago. We just had a baby, I was leaving my job to be a SAHM and my husband worked (still works) an hour and a half away from where we live. One day I nonchalantly asked “do you ever think about moving back to Denver?”. It was completely random and a thought that I’d had  many times before but we never actually considered. No sooner were the words out of my mouth than this was an actual proposal on the table that we were strongly considering!

Side note (if you haven’t read my About page), we live in Fort Collins, Colorado, one hour north of Denver. We moved there after college but all of our friends and family live in the Denver area. After having our girl we realized that we want her to be around our friends and family more. We want her to have playdates and grow up knowing our tribe. Before having a baby we didn’t considered moving, truth be told we LIKED living just far enough away… catch my drift? But now we look at it all differently.

Anywho… back to my point. After asking the question, we could not come up with a reason to stay. Is that a sign or what? We talked and debated and slept on it and even though we LOVE Fort Collins we decided to try selling the house and to go for a new adventure. So we started the all-amazing process of selling… man we were not prepared for everything that goes into selling a house. The prep, the showings, the giant PAIN IN THE BUTT that it is. But we were confident and we were excited. But before we left this house I wanted to share our little home with all of you!

We have an ADORABLE house, or at least I think it is….

Am I right or am I right? This is the first house we bought together, we brought our baby home to this house, we’ve made so many memories here. So it’s easy to say we have some sentimental attachments. We’ve also put a lot of work and love into it. We painted every room, bought new furniture, added chandeliers, replaced counter tops and appliances… we did it all.

I love how our house turned out but... the nursery, I love every single thing about it and I designed every inch of it and it is by far my favorite room in the house. My best friends and I hand painted the wall art for crying out loud!

Even though I’m going to miss this house I’m excited for a new adventure. I am excited to be around my friends and family. I mean, mimosas on Sunday’s are so much easier when you don’t have to worry about driving an hour home… priorities people!! I’m excited for a new adventure. I’m excited to raise my girl where I grew up. I never realized just how important every moment is in a day, or just how much I would want to share this journey with all of my tribe. Zoo trips, movie nights at home, dinners and parties… that is what I’m excited for and that is what I want Lilly to grow up with. So there it is… a thought rolling off my tongue and launching us into a new chapter of our lives…  I have a feeling it’s going to be wonderful!