Bags, Babies, Bangles, Beauty Galore

Hey-o! Talk about writer's block and un-motivation last week. Also this week...I just couldn’t find it in me to do the whole blogging thing, so I took a bit of a break. Thank goodness for my guest post on Friday from The Preserve Project! But I’m slowly gaining motivation...ish. See I leave for a girls trip to Las vegas on Thursday and all I can seem to think about is the pool, cocktails, and delicious food! Maybe in June I’ll get it back together?

But despite not having any mind blowing things to write about, I have some pretty amazing shops and items to tell you about. Bags, baby things, bangles, beauty products and overall wonderful-ness!


-Mom Life Must Haves is a new shop that my friend Gina of Gina Kirk opened. I really don’t think there is anything she can’t do! From blogging, to opening a shop, to making amazing lunches for her kids, and just being all-around amazing. her new shop is fabulous and she has some really cute things, including this Full Hands, Full Hearts tote that I love! It’s a canvas tote that I’ve been taking to swim lessons every Saturday. It’s big enough to hold all our stuff and is sturdy so it holds up to life with kiddos.

All ready for swim lessons!

All ready for swim lessons!

-Rocksbox, a jewelry subscription box where you get three pieces of jewelry delivered to your door that you can wear for as long as you like and then ship back and get a whole new round! If you like what they send, fear not, you can buy it too! I got my first box last week and am loving what they sent me. I also have a coupon code for you! SIMPLYANNIEBLOGXOXO will get you ONE FREE MONTH! Seriously good deal people, so go sign up!

Isn't the necklace I got gorgeous?! 

Isn't the necklace I got gorgeous?! 

-I’ve posted a few photos of Lilly rocking some really adorable clothes over on Instagram. Those adorable clothes are from a shop called Moments of Chaos. This shop is another one owned by a friend of mine, Spencer from Spencer Unlimited. She, her mom and sister make adorable baby clothes, bibs, teething rings, and so much more. You should really go take a look at all their cute stuff.

-I’ve gotten to the point where I am always packing snacks for Lil, anything from teething crackers to fruit. It can be really annoying using the plastic bags and trying to clean them and save them… I just end up throwing them away after one use. So I was really excited to find the Yummi Pouch Snack bag. They are cloth snack bags that are reusable and come in some really fun and adorable patterns. I love being able to quickly clean (they can be machine washed) and pack these babies and not have to worry about them!

-Beautycounter beauty products. Talk about a wonderful place for all things skin related! These are natural products that are effective and well-made. They have everything from makeup to baby products. One of my favorite things from them is my charcoal face wash bar… blackheads, gone! Go take a peek, see if there is anything you like!

Image from   Beautycounter  .  com


P.S. Have you used your Lo & Behold Naturals discount code yet? Use SIMPLYNATURAL for 10% off. Hurry my code ends soon!