Finding The Silver Linings

I try to live my life for the moment. To see the good in everything and to enjoy the little things. I try not to get caught up in things that don’t improve my life, but I’m human. I have my days, sometimes weeks, of letting the little things creep in and eat at me. I am also a person who, as my husband says, has “big feelers” and sometimes my feelers get out of control. I work every day to keep them under control but again... I’m human and I can be fragile. In the days to come I can feel that my emotions are going to test me. They’re going to push me.

We have lived in this little town of ours for 5 years, and on Tuesday we’re going to be moving. Lately every day I say “this is the last time I do ____” and I say it for everything. From going to a certain store, taking a yoga class, waking up on a certain day… literally everything. Every time I say this I get more and more sad that we are leaving. Now don’t get me wrong, we made this decision and I’m excited for the move. But along with any change for me, comes the apprehension, the nerves and the wonder. Am I making the right decision? Am I going to be happy? Will my FAMILY be happy? I don’t know the answer right now, only time will tell me that. But as I’m leaving the place I’ve called home for the last 5 years, instead of looking at everything as if it is the end of days, I should look at it with joy and happiness. Afterall this town has been my home, I’ve met amazing people, I’ve started a family here, I’ve found myself here. I am allowed to have these feelings, it’s only natural. But there is no reason why this move won’t bring equally amazing things for me and my family. From here on out I will let myself feel these feelings, I will acknowledge them and accept them but then I will try to see the silver lining of what I’m feeling. Too much happiness has happened here and we will make this next adventure great, because we can and because we tend to make everything work out for the best.

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