Surviving The Holiday's With Simply Earth

Confession? November first rolls around and I immediately freak out, not in the “Elf” loving Christmas sort of way, but in the “oh no, it’s the holidays sort of way” because every year, no matter what, there is always something to stress about. At least in my world. It always feels like someone ends up unhappy with a plan, or there are 5 million things to do… stress, just general stress. This is something I’m slowly getting better with as time goes on, I’ve found ways to cope and to still enjoy the holidays. My mantra has become “it’s just one day and you can’t make everyone happy,” but this year I have an added bonus, that came for me in a beautiful package.


It’s my Simply Earth monthly subscription box and this one is all about the holidays. Essential oils for the holiday’s? YES PLEASE! Never heard of Simply Earth? They’re a monthly essential oil recipe subscription box. Each month they send a different theme with 6-7 essential oil recipes, all the key ingredients, and instructions. I couldn’t believe how easy they made it for me. One of the things I love about Simply Earth; the oils are pure, no additives, fillers or any junk. Just straightforward, pure oils. And 13% of their proceeds go towards ending human trafficking!

So what was included in the box? 1 “Happy Joy” essential oil blend, one bottle each of frankincense, rosemary, and pine, a roll-on “Curb Hunger” oil blend, two droplet jars, one spray bottle, one mini-mason jar, twine, ribbon, stickers, and recipe cards. I wasn’t kidding when they said they sent everything! There are 6 different recipe cards, some with sprays for the home like “Holiday Home Spray.” Diffusers like “Happy Joy” (which I am now officially obsessed with) and “Christmas Diffuser Blend.” They even included a recipe card for “DIY Scented Ornaments,” what a fantastic idea! It’s something I never would have thought of!

The scents of this box are geared towards the holiday season, but they have therapeutic qualities as all oils do. Frankincense is known for relieving stress and anxiety and I personally find it incredibly relaxing. Rosemary is said to improve memory, relieve muscle aches and pains, and improve digestive health (think holiday cookies!). Pine is another relaxing oil, it is said to energize the mind and simultaneously relax the body, perfect for that awkward family moment in the kitchen!

I haven’t done all of the recipes given to me yet, I want to savor the joys of my Simply Earth box as long as I can. But I have diffused “Happy Joy” and I cannot get enough of it, it is a fabulous scent and it truly does brighten my mood. I also made the “Holiday Home Scent Spray” and holy-refreshing batman! This is like having ten real Christmas trees in my home!

Photo shared on Instagram

Photo shared on Instagram

Because I love them so much I am sharing a discount code, when you sign up for the Simply Earth subscription box you’ll get a FREE DIFFUSER! All you need to do is enter code SIMPLYFREEDIF at checkout. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Simply Earth, so be sure to come back and let me know!


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